Muslim Parents Protest School Board Over LGBTQ Books Being Given to Children – In The News – 10/13/2022

Muslim Parents Protest School Board Over LGBTQ Books Being Given to Children – In The News – 10/13/2022

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Muslim Protesters Shut Down Michigan School-Board Meeting over LGBTQ Books
“Many of the protesters carried signs in English and Arabic: ‘Keep Your Dirty Books in the Closet,’ ‘Stop Grooming Our Kids,’ and ‘Homosexuality Big Sin,’ some read.”

More Anti-Semitic censorship at Berkeley
Free speech vs. banning Jews
“Nine law student groups at the law school have managed to amend the university’s bylaws to ban any speakers who support Israel or Zionism.”

Sticky fingers at Amazon warehouse
2 Amazon staffers swipe $22K in high-tech toys, deputies say
“Surveillance video showed employees Nathaniel Jones and Malik Stone had taken items out of the packaging and discarded the packaging in the trash.”

Character mark violation or parody?
John Fetterman Mocks Dr. Oz With ‘Simpsons’ Parody; Disney Didn’t Authorize Character Usage
“D’oh. Pennsylvania’s no-holds-barred Senate race has gone all Springfield, and Disney might not be too happy about it.”

I’d have dipped her hair in something – but that’s just me.
Just ‘plane’ bad etiquette: Airline passenger drapes her long, thick hair over the back of her seat
“The food blogger victims said, ‘People get fired up because it’s a very rude thing to do,’ she said. ‘Maybe other people would’ve reacted differently or even aggressively to this, but, for me — I’m used to it.'”

Some folks just don’t have a life…
‘Game of Thrones’ Fans Threaten to Boycott George R.R. Martin’s Latest Book, Accusing Co-Authors of ‘Racism’
“Antonsson insists that she is only focused on the source material and being true to it, not on racial stunt casting. Toussant, though, recently blasted fans for not accepting him as a ‘rich black guy’ even as they accept the existence of giant, fire-breathing dragons.”

The Saudi prince said, “I’m not talking to Reuters.”
Saudi prince erupts at Reuters journalist as OPEC sides with Russia to cut oil supply
“’You have got it wrong twice,’ Abdulaziz said, in reference to an article involving Saudi Arabia and Russia targeting a $100 price for oil.”

Gunfight at the Amazon Corral
Gunfire erupts at Amazon during fight between employees
“’It appears that Beale then went to his vehicle and retrieved a firearm,’ a sheriff’s spokesman said in a statement.”

Longest-running copyright infringement suit ever???
Andy Warhol’s portraits of Prince get their 15 minutes of fame in Supreme Court copyright showdown
“During the oral argument, the court will consider a legal question of considerable interest to people in all kinds of creative industries, including television, film and fine art, on how to define whether new work based on an existing one is ‘transformative’ — meaning it does not violate copyright law.”

BookTok becoming a driving force in literature.
How #BookTok changed the literary market
“Indeed, a small influencer campaign can result in exponential organic growth. Vicki Saxon, a BookToker who previously handled social media marketing at JSTOR, attributes that success to how ‘word of mouth spreads in a really fast way’ on TikTok—especially if the creator is passionate about a book.”

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