Assaulted journalist awarded $300K in damages from Portland Antifa, and MUCH MORE! – In The News – 08/31/2023

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Legal victory, but no real justice for mob attack to silence this journalist.
Andy Ngo scores legal win over Portland Antifa as judge awards $300K in damages
“It feels like some vindication for a really horrific, re-traumatizing process through the litigation process,” Ngo told Fox News Digital Thursday.

Maryland says schools, not parents, are in charge of teaching kids about things they’re too young to learn.
Maryland Court says parents can’t opt kids out of LGBTQ+ curriculum: ‘Not a fundamental right’
“Nonetheless, because a constitutional violation is not likely or imminent, it follows that the plaintiffs are not likely to suffer imminent irreparable harm, and the balance of the equities and the public interest favor denying an injunction to avoid undermining the School Board’s legitimate interests in the no-opt-out policy…”

AND, you have to pay for the public records you demand to see.
Montgomery County Public Schools charges parental rights group $18K to fulfill public records request
“In Montgomery County Public Schools, ‘transparency’ and ‘accountability’ are dirty words, but the graphic sex acts that parents object to in their children’s books is completely acceptable.”

It’s not “reverse” anything. It’s simply racism and sexism.
Media giant Gannett sued by workers over ‘reverse racism’ policy that boosts women and minorities over others: latest salvo against DEI in corporate America
“Another plaintiff, Barry, says he was in line for promotion to a leadership job at the Progress-Index in Petersburg, Virginia. After Gannett acquired the newspaper in 2019, the job went to a black woman with fewer qualifications, the lawsuit says.”

Who’s teaching your kids??
Elementary school teacher fired after bizarre social media rants on ‘psychosis,’ Satan
“As elected officials for Homer Glen schools, it is your job to do what is right for our children. That includes doing your due diligence with hiring new teachers and staff members.”

AI not cutting the mustard for Dispatch
Dispatch pauses AI sports writing program
“One such Dispatch article from Aug. 18 was blasted on social media for its robotic style, lack of player names and use of awkward phrases like ‘close encounter of the athletic kind.'”

People are figuring it out!
ChatGPT turns to business as popularity wanes
“The question of data security has become an important one for OpenAI, with major companies, including Apple, Amazon and Samsung, blocking employees from using ChatGPT out of fear that sensitive information will be divulged.”

Could AI destroy the Internet as we know it?
AI could choke on its own exhaust as it fills the web
“AI turbocharges the ability to create mountains of new content while it undermines the ability to check that material for reliability and recycles biases and errors in the data that was used to train it.”


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