Library Asks Speaker to Leave DURING Her Presentation, and MUCH MORE! – In The News – 08/25/2023

Library Asks Speaker to Leave DURING Her Presentation, and MUCH MORE! – In The News – 08/25/2023

“Say what we want or we’ll cancel you.” – THAT’S Fascism.
Riley Gaines slams men trying to ‘silence’ ex-college athlete at California library event
“The librarian then again told me to leave so I directly said why am I being asked to leave and he told me ‘Because you are misgendering, you were talking about men in women sports.’”

Op-ed sexual harassment accusation leads to lawsuit.
Defendant in defamation case hopes free speech protections will strike lawsuit
“In questions to Watts, Vermont Superior Court Judge Dickson Corbett asked the attorney where he would draw the line between a newspaper that, by publishing speech, necessarily dealt in matters of public interest, and newspapers that, due to small circulation, did not reach the threshold.”

Once again, they want this trash in the hands of our children, but you can’t read it in front of adults!
Man forcibly removed from school board meeting by security while reading from LGBTQ book: ‘Unconstitutional’
“A video of the incident posted to social media by Paul Leavitt shows the unidentified man begin reading an excerpt from the graphic novel ‘Flamer’ by Mike Curato, in which a character asks, ‘Who wants my hot wiener?'”

School board members not allowed unannounced school visits? What are they hiding??
Granbury ISD trustee accused of unauthorized library visit to go through books
“Lowery addressed the meeting Wednesday and defended her actions, saying she did nothing wrong and that she ran for the school board to ‘protect students from sexually explicit and age-inappropriate material’ and won a ‘decisive victory.'”

Writers on strike, entertainment industry paying top dollar for AI experts.
Film and TV studios post AI jobs with salaries up to $1 million as workers strike
“One of the positions would pay as much as $1 million to develop video games based on recent advances in AI, the ad says. The company jobs page doesn’t say how long the positions have been listed.”

Bloomsbury Publishing exec dead at 45.
U.S. publishing boss Adrienne Vaughan killed in “terrible” speedboat crash in Italy
“I saw the woman in the water being held up by her children and her husband,” he said. ‘It was terrible.'”

Schools should stick to reading, writing, and arithmetic.
Georgia school board fires teacher for reading students a controversial book on gender identity
“The Cobb County School Board voted Thursday in a 4 to 3 decision to terminate Rinderle.”

It makes sense. How can you copyright something that YOU didn’t create?
AI-Created Art Isn’t Copyrightable, Judge Says in Ruling That Could Give Hollywood Studios Pause
“Copyright law has ‘never stretched so far’ to ‘protect works generated by new forms of technology operating absent any guiding human hand…’”

So, if I use someone’s name in a public records search … it’s IDENTITY THEFT??
Kansas reporter accused of breaking law before controversial Marion County newspaper raid: documents
“Zorn had used Newell’s name in the search, and police said it was identity theft to do so. A source had also given the paper Newell’s date of birth and license number unsolicited.”

No one can possibly offer ANY logical reason why nursery schoolers should see thing like this.
Nursery pulls book shown to four-year-olds that depicts men kissing in bondage, trans ‘top surgery’ scars
“Another illustration shows two men who are partially naked in leather bondage gear. One man has a leather cod-piece wound against his crotch and garters strapped down his thighs. Both men in the image passionately kiss.”

When there is no one else willing to be cops, who will protect you?
AI to binge LAPD bodycam footage to weed out rude tone, aggressive language
“Even something as simple as, did the officer introduce themselves?” study author and USC professor Benjamin A.T. Graham told the Times.

Is it too much to ask that Prime credits their inspiration for characters?
A Dalit author says a popular Amazon Prime drama used her story without credit. The series’ creators are pushing back
“The director had even named her as the inspiration for the interview scene. So when Dutt reached the end credits and realized her name was nowhere to be found, she took to Instagram to voice her disappointment and request that she be formally credited.”

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