Penpals Meet for The First Time After 68 Years! – In The News – 08/19/2023

Penpals Meet for The First Time After 68 Years! – In The News – 08/19/2023

We love good news stories!!
Pen pals, both 80, meet for the first time after writing letters to each other for 68 years
“The two women began writing letters at the age of 12 in 1955 after they each became ‘girl guides,’ each on a different side of the Atlantic, according to news service SWNS.”

Weaponization of law enforcement against the press?
Kansas police raid newspaper’s office, publisher’s home to seize records; reporter injured
“…this ‘brazen law-enforcement action has abruptly stopped the flow of information by making it impossible for journalists at the newspaper to carry out their duties.'”


Did it cause the death of the newspaper’s owner?
Last words revealed from matriarch of small town paper who died after dubious police raid: ‘Hitler tactics’
“‘The only crime we committed is being a reporter,’ Rhodes told Fox News Digital. ‘We received information from a source, and like any good reporter we went to verify that information.'”


Ah! Now it all makes sense!!
Small-town Kansas paper was probing ‘Gestapo’ police chief over sex claims before he raided it
“But as First Amendment advocates spoke out against the raid, it emerged that the newspaper had been investigating Cody, 54, after receiving an ‘outpouring of calls’ claiming he had retired from his last police post to avoid demotion over sexual misconduct allegations.”

Jury admitted they were afraid for their safety.
Andy Ngo speaks out after losing civil suit against Rose City Antifa: ‘I didn’t receive justice’
“It’s truly remarkable the amount of evidence that the jury must have discounted to reach its not guilty verdict or its verdict here, that the defendants here weren’t liable.”

Locking out reporters.
White House reporter sues Karine Jean-Pierre after losing press pass
“‘Defendants violated Mr. Ateba’s First Amendment rights by changing the criteria for hard pass credentials to intentionally prevent Mr. Ateba from obtaining hard pass access,’ the lawsuit reads.”

When we can no longer discern truth from fiction, chaos ensues.
Professors have a summer assignment: Prevent ChatGPT chaos in the fall
“When students come back to campus this fall, some teachers will allow AI, but others will ban it. Some universities will have modified their dishonesty policies to take AI into account, but others avoid the subject.”

Is this a case of biting the hands that fed him?
Michael Oher demanded $15 million, threatened to ‘plant a negative story,’ Tuohy family attorney claims
“He alleged that he agreed to the conservatorship, having been led to believe that it was a form of adoption because of his age at the time. He also claimed that the family largely profited off of the 2009 film ‘The Blind Side’ while he did not. The family’s attorney disputed this allegation, saying that they had given Oher ‘an equal cut of every penny received’ from the movie, which grossed more than $300 million.”

Not exactly the experience you want at a bookstore
California man caught ‘sniffing’ women at Barnes & Noble free despite rap sheet of child peeping, 40 arrests
“Crowder previously served time in state prison on burglary and robbery charges and had been sentenced in February to a year in jail for indecent exposure in Santa Clarita, court records show.”

The behavior wasn’t nice, but it IS protected under the 1st Amendment.
Tennessee student’s suspension over memes rescinded after org files First Amendment lawsuit
“In response to the lawsuit, Tullahoma High School also walked back its handbook policies barring ’embarrassing’ social media photos and posts “unbecoming of a Wildcat [the school’s mascot].”

It’s not every day you see social media and gun manufacturers sued as co-defendants.
Witnesses of Buffalo mass shooting file rare lawsuit against social media and gun companies
“The lawsuit, which was announced Wednesday afternoon at a news conference in Buffalo, names RMA Armament, a body armor manufacturer, and Vintage Firearms LLC, a gun retailer, as defendants, in addition to YouTube (as well as its parent companies, Google and Alphabet) and Reddit.”


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