In Just One Month, Three Amazon Employees in NJ Died at Work – In The News – 08/19/2022

In Just One Month, Three Amazon Employees in NJ Died at Work – In The News – 08/19/2022

This seems a tad overboard.
Oprah Launches Lawsuit Against ‘Unauthorized’ Podcast Oprahdemics
“Harpo Inc. is not seeking to have the podcast stopped or receive damages. They simply want the show to change its name so as to not mislead fans that Winfrey is associated with the production.”

America is not far from this.
‘Not even Orwell could have dreamed up a country like this’: Journalists flee Nicaragua
“They raided newsrooms, jailed journalists and ordered dozens of news outlets to close. They pushed a series of laws that made it a crime to spread ‘fake’ news and publish information not authorized by the government — and even banned newspapers from importing paper and ink.”

Deaths at Amazon
Amazon worker deaths in New Jersey under investigation—
“All three Amazon workers died within the past month and were employed at company facilities in New Jersey.”

In History: Inventor killed by his own printing press.
“In 1853, Bullock began working on a hand-turned wooden printing press that had a self-feeder, an idea that laid the foundation for his later presses, one of which he designed in 1860.”

The Marxist “journalists” are getting desperate.
Atlantic op-ed claims Catholic rosary has become ‘an extremist symbol’
“Just as the AR-15 rifle has become a sacred object for Christian nationalists in general, the rosary has acquired a militaristic meaning for radical-traditional (or ‘rad trad’) Catholics,”

I wonder if Steve will sue Jenny now.
Scorned woman takes out full page newspaper ad to shame ‘filthy cheater’ husband – and how she paid for it is amazing
“A whopping 50,000 readers who hail from the paradise Whitsunday region near the Great Barrier Reef got to enjoy the public humiliation, too.”

If you don’t have strong principles when you are a nobody, those principles will be weak when you’re famous.
Why Do So Many Comedians’ Lives End in Tragedy?
“The impression imparted by these nightmares is that fame is an awful curse that no one should covet—sex, money, and adoration be damned.”

One could say he had a “hand” in his own fate
Jeffrey Toobin almost certainly pushed out from CNN, insiders say
“The legal pundit was famously caught masturbating during a 2020 Zoom meeting with his New Yorker colleagues and subsequently fired by the magazine.”

It’s okay with the feds spy on someone else, but not them!
CIA sued over alleged spying on lawyers, journalists who met Assange
“The filing said the journalists and lawyers were required to surrender their electronic devices to Undercover Global S.L., a private security company which at the time provided security to the embassy, before their visits to Assange.”

More labor trouble at Amazon
Amazon workers walk off job at major West Coast air hub
“Monday’s walkout is the latest sign that pro-union sentiment is spreading throughout Amazon’s ranks — this time at a uniquely vulnerable point in its logistics network.”

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