School Board Member Alleges Publishers Add “Bonus” (free) Offensive Books to Library Orders – In The News – 07/29/2022

School Board Member Alleges Publishers Add “Bonus” (free) Offensive Books to Library Orders – In The News – 07/29/2022

Facebook Turning Away News.
Scoop: Meta officially cuts funding for U.S. news publishers
“Last year, Meta’s president of global affairs, Nick Clegg, said fewer than one in every 25 posts in the News Feed contained links to a news story.”

Court Hears Amazon, Publisher Motions to Toss Price Fixing Conspiracy Lawsuits
“The suit alleges that Amazon and the Big Five publishers … are co-conspirators in an alleged hub-and-spoke scheme with Amazon to keep e-book prices artificially high and to ensure there is no retail price competition”

The funny part is that she was “shocked.”
Inside The New Yorker’s Flame War With the Editor It Just Fired
“Her termination letter further cited ‘your history of performance issues… your history of inappropriate and unprofessional behavior toward colleagues… your recent violation of the Company’s Global Business Communications Policy, and… your Final Warning for self-plagiarism issued on September 10, 2021.’”

Makes sense after so many librarians and school boards have expressed surprise that those books were on their shelves! Now we know how the books are being snuck into schools!!
Florida school board member demands ‘disciplinary action’ over pornographic books in schools: ‘I’m disgusted’
“One of the books Gilhousen mentioned was ‘Lawn Boy’ by Jonathan Evison, which describes a boy recalling oral sex from when he was ‘ten years old. Publishers may present a list of top-selling books they recommend for kids, which will then be ordered, or, Gilhousen explained, the publishers will add in ‘bonus books’ into an order. ‘Some of those are more politically driven agenda-type books are snuck in that way,’ Gilhousen explained.”

Getting the money is always the hard part.
Maryland Facing Potential $300K Legal Bill After Losing E-book Case
“The request comes after Boardman in a June 13 opinion and order declared Maryland’s library e-book law ‘unconstitutional and unenforceable,’ ending a months-long legal effort by the AAP to block the law.”

Piracy – pure and simple.
Publishers, Internet Archive File Dueling Summary Judgment Motions in Scan Suit
“Masquerading as a not-for-profit library, the Internet Archive digitizes in-copyright print books on an industrial scale and distributes full-text digital bootlegs for free…”


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