Amazon is Picking and Choosing Which Books to Ban – In The News – 07/15/2022

Amazon is Picking and Choosing Which Books to Ban – In The News – 07/15/2022

Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.
Author embarks on mission to stop cancel culture from banning Founding Fathers who signed Declaration of Independence
“These men stepped up despite the potential costs because their desperation drove them toward liberty. They wanted to ‘get the foot of the crown off their throats’ while protecting their faith.”

No surprise here.
Drag Queen Story Hour Activist Admits to Subverting Traditional Understandings of Sex
“Kids don’t need to be ‘queered.’ Kids don’t benefit from being trained to transgress norms around sex. Kids don’t thrive by being taught that hedonism or base desires never can be judged as immoral or inappropriate.”

If only all the censored folks could afford such lawsuits…
Twitter Restores Journalist Alex Berenson’s Account Following Lawsuit Settlement
“But once the company voluntarily sets guidelines that it says it will follow in disciplining or banning users, IT MUST FOLLOW THOSE — possibly even if its underlying terms of service explicitly say otherwise.”

Our school boards don’t care about our kids.
Florida dad speaks out after school board cut his mic for reading ‘pornography’ books he found in district
“The dad was told by the school board that he would not be allowed to read ‘pornography’ on the broadcast, as it violated the law.”

The college had the resources to try to destroy this business, but not enough to pay the consequences.
Ohio college racks up millions in interest on cash owed to bakery over false racism allegations
“Gibson’s Bakery was awarded $31.6 million in July of 2019 after students and a college official were found guilty of libeling the establishment as ‘racist’ following an altercation a store employee had with three Black students.”

Aren’t universities supposed to be sanctuaries of “free thought?”
University of Washington professor sues school, alleging free-speech violation
“It was clear that they wanted a particular kind of land acknowledgment. There was a particular view of American history that they wanted you to affirm, you know, that the United States is evil and that we stole land from native tribes and so forth,”

What does Amazon consider “Hate Speech?”
Book Banning in an Age of Amazon
“Amazon gladly carries Mein Kampf without fear that anyone will attribute its anti-Semitism to the bookseller because Amazon distributes millions of titles.”

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