FTC Wants to Break Up Amazon – In The News – 07/28/2023

FTC Wants to Break Up Amazon – In The News – 07/28/2023

Amazon has been forcing sellers to offer the lowest price through Amazon. Sellers can’t even offer a lower price on their own websites!
FTC readies lawsuit that could break up Amazon
“The complaint is likely to focus on challenges to Amazon Prime, Amazon rules that the FTC says block lower prices on competing websites, and policies the FTC believes force merchants to use Amazon’s logistics and advertising services, according to some of the people.”

It’s a good thing ol’ Jeff has the cash to keep this Titanic afloat!
Washington Post set to lose ‘$100 million in 2023’ one decade after Jeff Bezos bought the paper: Report
“Ms. Buzbee spoke with Mr. Bezos and conveyed an urgent message: Morale was low at The Post.”

I remember drawing, and passing around, funny pictures of my teachers.
School district suspends student for posting memes of principal, sends ‘dangerous lesson to kids,’ lawyers say
“It teaches a very dangerous lesson to kids about what America and our Constitution is about if they’re taught from a young age that if they criticize or satirize somebody in power that they can get in trouble for it.”

NEVER send compromising pics of yourself to ANYONE – no matter HOW MUCH money they offer!
Star Tabloid Journo Fires a Warning Shot Over Sordid ‘Double Life’ Allegations
“Wootton … has been accused of creating bogus online identities to trick and bribe men into sending him sexually compromising images.”

Humans had to give up covered wagons at some point as well.
Santa Barbara News-Press declares bankruptcy, ceases publication after more than 150 years
“They ran out of money to pay us. They will issue final paychecks when the bankruptcy is approved in court.”

Be careful what you say about your local hospital.
Idaho jury hits Bundy, defendants with tens of millions in damages in St. Luke’s lawsuit
“The verdict: a total of $26.5 million in compensatory damages and $26 million in punitive damages.”

Sraight out of Mao’s “Little Red Book.”
‘Alarming evidence’ links China’s Communist Party to American K-12 schools, anti-indoctrination group claims
“The fact the Chinese government had so much access to American classrooms, students, and curriculums should worry families…”

How many “protestors” in the US are actually paid thugs?
Exclusive: A Baltimore musician was hired to organize a protest. He says he never knew his client had links to pro-China operatives
“The tactics resemble those used by Russia, where spies from Kremlin-linked groups have sought to influence American activist groups in a bid to exacerbate existing divisions in the US, according to the Department of Justice.”

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