CNN Sued for Defamation – In The News – 06/27/2024

CNN Sued for Defamation – In The News – 06/27/2024

So, help get Afghan refugees out of the country, and CNN attacks you.
CNN faces defamation suit over Afghanistan withdrawal story: ‘Evidence of actual malice’
“The judges wrote, ‘Young proffered CNN messages and emails that showed internal concern about the completeness and veracity of the reporting— the story is ‘a mess,’ ‘incomplete,’ not ‘fleshed out for digital,’ ‘the story is 80% emotion, 20% obscured fact,’ and ‘full of holes like Swiss cheese,’ but the network aired it anyway.”

Sexual politics riding the coat-tails of the real Civil Rights Movement.
Voddie Baucham talks LGBT takeover of civil rights, ‘manufactured’ Christian nationalism
“Remembering how even voters in California rejected same-sex marriage in 2008, Baucham went on to note that the cultural push for sexual immorality escalated exponentially during the Obama administration…”

He’s not just a great voice – but a down-to-Earth thinker.
Actor Morgan Freeman derides Black History Month: ‘My history is American history’
“My history is American history. It’s the one thing in this world I am interested in, beyond making money, having a good time and getting enough sleep.”

We’re sick enough of HUMAN lies. We don’t need computer generated ones!
Global audiences suspicious of AI-powered newsrooms, report finds
“According to the survey, 52% of U.S. respondents and 63% of UK respondents said they would be uncomfortable with news produced mostly with AI.”

WHAT?? A biased “fact checker?” Say it ain’t so!!
Conservatives Protest Media WatchDog NewsGuard’s Left Wing Bias
“One example listed is when the company attempted to get British outlet The Daily Sceptic to retract an article covering a Johns Hopkins study indicating that COVID-19 lockdowns were ineffective and harmful. After The Daily Sceptic declined to do so, NewsGuard lowered the outlet’s reliability rating.”

As long as he doesn’t crash the plane, do your really care what a pilot calls the “Cockpit??”
Pilot union suggests phasing out masculine terms, says ‘cockpit,’ ‘father’ is offensive to DEI culture
“Diversity really has nothing to do with safe travel, … It’s basically all a matter of flight time, your credentials, your background, how much flight experience you have and also your training.”

A church charity has no business pushing a child grooming sex book
Catholic charity under fire for book reading urging kids to transcend ‘gender binary’
“The 2022 book by Scott Stuart, which is available online and marketed to children aged 4 and up, describes itself as an ‘inspiring book about being true to yourself and moving beyond the gender binary,’ according to Amazon.”

Because racism is so prevalent you have to make it up.
Texas Democratic candidate charged with faking racist comments to himself
“Law enforcement reported that Patel used an image of a real Fort Bend resident as his profile picture without the individual’s consent.”

All federal funding should be pulled from these anit-semitic colleges.
Three Columbia University deans placed on administrative leave over disparaging texts
“Three deans at Columbia University have been placed on leave after screenshots of their texts during an antisemitism panel, which included vomit emojis and dismissive texts, were shared online.”

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