Photographer Billed $979 After AI Firm Used HIS Photos; and MUCH MORE! – In The News – 06/10/2023

Photographer Billed $979 After AI Firm Used HIS Photos; and MUCH MORE! – In The News – 06/10/2023

Apparently, the AI gurus feel there is no longer any such thing as intellectual property.
A Photographer Tried to Get His Photos Removed from an AI Dataset. He Got an Invoice Instead.
“At the end of March, Kneschke decided to send out a cease-and-desist request, which Motherboard viewed, that asked the LAION team to take his images out of the training dataset…”

What’s next for Indigo?
Indigo founder Heather Reisman retires, almost half of board steps down
“Her departure comes alongside directors Frank Clegg, Howard Grosfield, Anne Marie O’Donovan and Dr. Chika Stacy Oriuwa stepping down. That translates to four of the company’s 10 directors.”

It takes a COURT ORDER to keep Amazon from collecting children’s voice location data??
Amazon to pay over $30 million in FTC settlements over Ring, Alexa privacy violations
“Alongside the $25 million civil penalty, if approved by the court, Amazon will be prohibited from using children’s voice information and geolocation data subject to deletion requests for creating or improving any data product.”

WGA turns to guerrilla-style tactics.
Writers’ Shut-It-Down Strategy Has Been Effective, Executives Privately Concede
“Rapid-response units of WGA members mobilize to picket at studio gates and at location shoot sites based on tip-offs.”

Facebook and California news outlets tangle.
Meta threatens to pull news content in California if bill to pay publishers passes
“This threat from Meta is a scare tactic that they’ve tried to deploy, unsuccessfully, in every country that’s attempted this…”

Media and journalists having a tantrum over OPEC.
OPEC has not invited Reuters, Bloomberg to report on weekend policy meets
“Two reporters from the Wall Street Journal who regularly cover OPEC have also not received invites, people familiar with the matter said. The Journal did not respond immediately to requests for comment.”

Wait until you read how they got caught!
The husband-and-wife forgers who fooled the art market — and made millions
“We enjoyed selling the paintings, we got a kick out of it, we got rich… I got to paint, and we enjoyed doing the research too. Forgery was a way of combining all these things.”

Glad to see they are getting spanked for their anti-Christian bigotry.
Publishers group apologizes for school textbook criticizing Christian missionaries in Ghana
“The book also reported claims that ‘Christianity has led to an increase in poverty’ and that ‘some religious doctrines brought by missionaries create a sense of fear or timidity.'”

Kind of looks like this reporter is right over the target.
A Reporter Investigated Sexual Misconduct. Then the Attacks Began.
“Someone had thrown a rock through her parents’ window and sprayed a vulgar word on their garage door in red paint.”

The Supreme Court has time to review poop-themed squeaky toy cases now?
Supreme Court sides with Jack Daniel’s in poop-themed dog toy trademark fight
“Thursday’s decision was the second the court handed down this term in an intellectual property dispute. In May, the justices ruled against the late Andy Warhol…”

So now the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT wants to help sexualize your kids in school!
Biden Names Coordinator To Work On Book Bans Issue
“The new coordinator, under the auspices of the Department of Education’s office of civil rights, will be tasked with providing new training for schools on how book bans can create a ‘hostile’ environment for students…”

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