How Journalists Smuggled Out the Tiananmen Square Photo; AND MUCH MORE! – In The News – 06/07/2024

How Journalists Smuggled Out the Tiananmen Square Photo; AND MUCH MORE! – In The News – 06/07/2024

Do you remember this moment in history?
The man in front of the tank: How journalists smuggled out the iconic Tiananmen Square photo
“When the column stopped and the man blocked the tanks, they were trying to scare him off by shooting over his head. Well, shooting over his head was basically where our position was. The bullets were so close you could hear them whizzing by.”

Perhaps if they tried reporting news instead of propaganda?? … NAH!!
WaPo boss sounds alarm over dwindling audience in heated staff meeting: ‘People are not reading your stuff’
“The most cynical interpretation sort of feels like you chose two of your buddies to come in and help run The Post … And we now have four White men running three newsrooms.”

Matthew 5:10-12
Religious freedom advocates demand Egypt release Christians jailed for using Facebook
“Incidents of Christian persecution in Egypt vary from Christian women being harassed while walking in the street to Christian communities being driven out of their homes by extremist mobs. Christians are typically treated as second-class citizens.”

He just can’t seem to shake that pesky laptop!
Hunter Biden laptop re-emerges as media embarrassment as it becomes key evidence at gun trial
“CNN was caught spiking the laptop story when it first broke, according to recordings obtained by Project Veritas that were released in December 2020.”

Would we consider this the “King Elvis Version?”
Elvis Presley’s Bible sells at auction for $120K
“The Bible was auctioned along with a handwritten letter from Elvis’ cousin, Patsy Presley, according to the auction house.”

AI Fake News strikes again!
Top news app in US has Chinese origins and ‘writes fiction’ with the help of AI
“But in at least 40 instances since 2021, the app’s use of AI tools affected the communities it strives to serve, with Newsbreak publishing erroneous stories; creating 10 stories from local news sites under fictitious bylines; and lifting content from its competitors”

Why are these activist groups so afraid that a child might hear that there is a power greater than government?”
Texas may pay schools to use curriculum critics call overtly Christian
“Content does not include religious lessons as one would find in a religious school, and instead is designed to provide background knowledge and vocabulary to ensure our students can reach high levels of academic proficiency and comprehend great literature.”

“The media” are beginning to look like a circular firing squad.
‘Washington Post’ CEO tried to kill a story about himself. It wasn’t the first time
“The Washington Post has written twice this spring about allegations that have cropped up in British court proceedings involving its new publisher and CEO, Will Lewis. In both instances Lewis pushed his newsroom chief hard not to run the story.”


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