Looters Target Amazon Van; Drivers Scared; More Than 110 Warehouse Workers Infected with COVID-19; Internet Archive Getting Sued – AND MORE!!…In The News – 06/04/2020

Looters Target Amazon Van; Drivers Scared; More Than 110 Warehouse Workers Infected with COVID-19; Internet Archive Getting Sued – AND MORE!!…In The News – 06/04/2020

Amazon Trucks Being Targeted by Looters?
A video shows looters throwing rocks and raiding an Amazon delivery van during George Floyd protests in Los Angeles
“Amazon said that if it feels that an area for delivery is unsafe, it will cancel the delivery block.”

And the Drivers are Fearful…
Amazon Delivery Drivers Say They Fear Becoming Target of Looters
“People are scared,” he said. ‘You’re out there in a vest with a car full of packages, so you feel like a target. That video scared a lot of people.’”

Warehouse Workers Lose their COVID Raise.
Amazon drops $2 coronavirus pay rise for warehouse workers as CEO Jeff Bezos’ fortune nears $150 billion
“As of mid-May, eight Amazon workers were confirmed to have died, and more than 100 warehouses have confirmed (COVID) cases, according to news reports.”

“National Emergency Library” – My A**!!
Publishers Sue Internet Archive For ‘Mass Copyright Infringement’
“IA does not seek to ‘free knowledge’; it seeks to destroy the carefully calibrated ecosystem that makes books possible in the first place — and to undermine the copyright law that stands in its way.”

Again…Just Because and Image is on the Internet, That Doesn’t Mean it’s Free To Use!!
Photographer Sues Microsoft for Millions Over Copyright Infringement
“This would allow Gattoni to collect up to $150,000 in statutory damages per infringed image, in addition to any and all profits/income that Microsoft made from the infringing article, legal fees, and more.”


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