The Most Watched Defamation Trial EVER – In The News – 05/20/2022

The Most Watched Defamation Trial EVER – In The News – 05/20/2022

Federal Court decision on free speech.
Court Deals Setback to First Amendment Suit Against Elizabeth Warren
“In a September 7 letter to Amazon, Warren complained that the book ‘perpetuates dangerous conspiracies about COVID-19 and false and misleading information about vaccines.’”

33 shot, 5 dead in her city on the same weekend she posts a virtue signaling tweet. 
Lori Lightfoot’s book banning tweet lampooned amid rising crime, alleged Dem hypocrisy
“‘Wise choice,’ tweeted Nick Freitas, a Republican state delegate in Virginia. ‘With all the violence in the city you manage, I can see why you want to go somewhere safe to read.'”

From the story, it sounds like nobody knows WHAT is going on there.
People’s print magazine faces possible closure amid newsroom chaos: sources
“While talks of changes in frequency are in flux and a decision has not been made, insiders fret that People’s editorial offices are in disarray under the magazine’s new editor in chief Liz Vaccariello, who replaced Dan Wakeford amid a February reorganization.”

The most-watched defamation trial EVER
Johnny Depp to take the stand again next week in Amber Heard trial
“The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star will take the stand again next week — and there could be more than 18 hours of bombshell testimony to come from his side, a source told The Post.”

Where was this concern when violence was being urged against Republicans and cops?
Social media platforms weigh free speech, public safety in wake of Buffalo shooting
“These companies make a lot of money, they’re very profitable and in my view, they have the opportunity to do far more monitoring and shut things down before it gets to this situation…”

She was fired two months after she reported the incidents.
Former New York Post digital chief settles explosive lawsuit with the tabloid
“Gotthelf had alleged in her lawsuit that she was wrongfully fired after she reported to her boss that a longtime lieutenant of Rupert Murdoch sexually harassed her.”

No mention if there was a settlement or not.
Author drops lawsuit against Madix, Sandoval of `Vanderpump Rules’
“An author who sued Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix of ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ alleging their 2019 cocktail book infringed on some of her ideas, has dropped her lawsuit against the couple. Baker sued in December 2020, saying she met Madix, now 36, through a mutual friend in February 2016, and that they began talking about collaborating on a book about cocktails told from the perspective of Madix, a bartender on the Bravo network show.”

Pretty dumb move on the part of the newspaper.
Swedish billionaire developing Aspen hotel sues Colorado newspaper over “oligarch” label
“A Swedish billionaire who is developing a controversial luxury hotel in Aspen is suing one of the city’s newspapers for defamation, claiming The Aspen Times wrongly portrayed him as a corrupt Russian oligarch amid that country’s war on Ukraine.”

The defendants won, and were awarded attorneys’ fees.
Sometimes, the Parody Defense to Copyright Infringement Works!
“…like in this week’s decision by a New York court to deem a sketch comedy group’s theater production titled ‘Vape’ a fair use of the famous ‘Grease’ musical.”

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