Supreme Court Rules Andy Warhol Violated Photographer’s Copyrights – In The News – 05/19/2023

Supreme Court Rules Andy Warhol Violated Photographer’s Copyrights – In The News – 05/19/2023

Painting a copy of a picture doesn’t make it yours!
Supreme Court sides against Andy Warhol Foundation in copyright infringement case
“Goldsmith’s original works, like those of other photographers, are entitled to copyright protection, even against famous artists…”

“Do not add to his words, lest he rebuke you and you be found a liar.” – Proverbs 30:6
PETA Teams Up With AI To Rewrite The Bible
“In this incredibly sanitized version of the Bible, Cain isn’t a murderer, Nimrod stops being a hunter, Hagar is a chef, a dog takes the place of Isaac on Mount Moriah and there is no sacrifice, Pharaoh’s butler and baker both live, and Pharaoh’s dreams involve vegan preaching, not the famine responsible for reuniting Jacob’s family…”

Filmmakers beginning to worry.
Cannes Diary: Will Artificial Intelligence “Democratize Creativity” or Lead to Certain Doom?
“’The characters in the future will be created by the kids themselves,’ he says. Avoyan said the line between creator and audience will narrow in such a way that we will all just be making our own movies.”

Free speech for ALL – not just select groups.
Ohio State Board of Trustees adopts campus free speech policy
“The proper role of the university is not to attempt to shield individuals from free speech, including ideas and opinions they find offensive.”

Tattooist Loses Libel Suit Against Blogger
Sexual assault victim who named her attacker in blog defeats his libel action
“Williams noted that there had been a ‘substantial change’ in Hay’s version of events, describing his evidence as ‘less than credible” and ‘unsatisfactory.'”

Fooled by AI.
Paper forced to delete ‘woke’ spray tan article after learning it got duped
“But Ireland’s paper of record was later forced to admit that it was the victim of ‘a deliberate and coordinated deception’ when it was discovered the author of the piece was using a fake identity and generated 80% of the story using Chat GPT4.”

More ugly secrets about the old Twitter revealed.
Jailed Saudi dissident, sister sue Twitter under RICO act in spy case
“The case builds on the conviction last year of one of the Twitter insiders who took bribes from Saudi intelligence. Ahmad Abouammo, who ran Twitter’s media partnerships in the Middle East, took hundreds of thousands of dollars to pass on information about critics of the Saudi rulers.”

I wonder how he’ll feel when AI re-writes a version of “West End Girls.”
AI songwriting is not a sin, says Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys
“In October, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) warned that AI companies were violating copyrights en masse by using music to train their machines.”

Forbes to become internationally owned.
Scoop: Foreign investors in Forbes buyout revealed
“But behind the scenes, a deal is being negotiated between Russell, India-based investment firm Sun Group, Silicon Valley investment firm GSV and others to finance Russell’s portion of the deal and more, four sources familiar with the deal told Axios.”

How the sausage was made…
Prince Harry’s ‘Spare’ ghostwriter reveals the process behind record-breaking memoir
“’Harry couldn’t escape the wish that ‘Spare’ might be a rebuttal to every lie ever published about him,’ writes Moehringer, adding that “Harry dreams of endless retractions.”

This is moving way too fast.
World’s first AI university president says tech will disrupt education tenets, create ‘renaissance scholars’
“…because AI technologies bring about vast amounts of highly accessible knowledge easily gleaned from a textbook, current ‘intelligence’ metrics, such as the medical or legal bar examinations, will be quickly disrupted.”

No accountability for allowing REAL terrorists to recruit online
Supreme Court rules for social media giants in cases over third-party content, declines to address Section 230
“‘Defendants allegedly knew that ISIS was using their platforms but failed to stop it from doing so,’ the ruling states. ‘Plaintiffs accordingly seek to hold Facebook, Twitter, and Google liable for the terrorist attack…'”


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