Who Does Jerry Seinfeld Blame for Comedy’s Decline? – In The News – 05/11/2024

Who Does Jerry Seinfeld Blame for Comedy’s Decline? – In The News – 05/11/2024

Think about how many laughs you’ve gotten from Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, and Dave Chappelle!!! By the way, we have tickets to see Matt Rife next month. Angela bought those for my anniversary gift. Now THAT guy has no boundaries!!! 😉
Jerry Seinfeld Slams ‘Extreme Left’ For Ruining Comedy
“This is the result of the extreme left and PC crap and people worrying so much about offending other people.”

The first casualty of tyranny is TRUTH.
Media freedom ‘perilously close to breaking point’ in several EU countries
“Declining media freedom goes hand in hand with a decline in the rule of law. There’s a close correlation between the two. This is the playbook of authoritarian regimes.”

Federal government forced censorship.
‘Damning’ report details Biden admin’s Big Tech ‘censorship’ push
“Facebook executive Nick Clegg questioned … via email why the company censored the lab-leak theory of COVID-19. An employee replied, ‘Because we were under pressure from the [Biden] administration and others to do more…. We shouldn’t have done it.'”

So desperate to destroy your kids, they’ll sneak it into the State Legislature!
Dem lawmaker teams up with Planned Parenthood to host ‘deceptive’ drag story hour in Arizona Capitol
“Democrat Rep. Lorena Austin deliberately misled House leadership to reserve a conference room to host a drag story hour with Planned Parenthood,”

It’s actually not loss of “swagger” that’s destroying the media – but lack of INTEGRITY.
The Collapse of the News Industry Is Taking Its Soul Down With It
“Instead of relishing controversy, today’s newsrooms shy away from publishing true stories that someone might claim cause ‘harm’ — that modern term that covers all emotional distress…”

These people are hijacking our universities … and the ADMINS are letting them do it!!
Video released by NYPD shows 63-year-old Lisa Fithian, who has a long history of participating in protests like Occupy Wall Street
“This group…is an outside agitator with a history of escalating a situation and trying to create chaos. It is our belief they are now actively co-opting what should be a peaceful gathering.”

Meet the REAL “domestic terrorists.”
Northwestern professor, whose school gave in to anti-Israel agitators, is son of notorious terrorist radicals
“His mother, Bernardine Dohrn, is the former leader of the far-left militant organization, Weather Underground. She reportedly praised Charles Manson and even ended up on the FBI’s most wanted list for several years.”

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