What’s happening online right now was predicted by George Orwell – In The News – 05/05/2023

What’s happening online right now was predicted by George Orwell – In The News – 05/05/2023

Orwell seems more and more like a visionary.
10 ways big government uses AI to create the totalitarian society of Orwell’s classic ‘1984’
“It might already sound familiar today: Concepts such as morality and religion are belittled on social media, while new phrases quickly gain political power by their sudden and constant presence on the same platforms.”

Not earning their fair share?
Manga Freelancers Say, ‘Show Me the Money’
“…’some manga series move a few hundred copies. Others, millions. But I get paid the same for both.’”

Throwing softballs.
LA Times denies submitting questions to the White House ahead of press conference
“It’s not uncommon for the White House to prepare these types of briefing materials for the president. But it’s the level of specificity that is in the spotlight in this moment. As you noted, that note card included the name and photo of a reporter and also a possible question…”

In The Clear
Jury rules Ed Sheeran not liable in copyright infringement case over Marvin Gaye song
“‘It’s devastating to be accused of stealing someone else’s song,’ Sheeran noted, adding, ‘We need songwriters and the writing community to come together to bring back common sense…'”

“Diversity” includes diversity of opinions and viewpoints, right???
Opinion: The welcome pushback against campus wokeness — coming from colleges themselves
“Eighty-four percent of Americans say that being afraid to exercise freedom of speech is a serious problem in our country…”

Look out music world! AI is coming!
After ‘fake Drake’ opens copyright questions, lawyer answers if artists can protect their style against AI
“‘As to copyright, it appears to not violate any rights as it was an original composition—not literally copying lyrics or music of the artist,’ Rotella continued. ‘The generating of their voices by AI, though, without the artist’s consent, can be argued to violate what is called the right of publicity.'”

Is it too late to put this genie back in the bottle?
Google’s ‘godfather of AI’ quits to spread word about dangers of AI, warns it will lead to ‘bad things’
“Hinton’s fears echo those expressed by more than 1,000 tech leaders earlier this year in a public letter that called for a brief halt to AI development. Hinton did not sign the letter at the time, and he now says that he did not want to criticize Google while he was with the company.”

Still the best selling book of all time!
On this day in history, May 2, 1611, King James Bible published, helped fuel revolution in American colonies
“It became known as the ‘Bible of the Revolution’ because it was printed in small size so that copies could be distributed to soldiers in the Colonial army,” says the website of Cedarville University, a Christian college in Ohio.

Film execs’ greed, or union bullying?
Hollywood writers go on strike after contract negotiations fail
“The main ‘sticking points,’ according to the entertainment giants, include union proposals that would require companies to staff television shows with a certain number of writers for a specific period of time, ‘whether needed or not.’”


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