Winnie the Pooh and Piglet star in slasher film after their copyrights expire – In The News – 05/28/2022

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet star in slasher film after their copyrights expire – In The News – 05/28/2022

Barriers being removed between authors and Hollywood.
How the Publishing World Is Muscling In on Hollywood Deals: For Authors, “The Future Is Multihyphenate”
“With fewer layers between the creators of the written stories in question and those calling the shots on the film or TV version, it’s easier to preserve authenticity — something that today’s increasingly devout literary fan bases require.”

Newspaper Giveaway.
Publisher plans to give his small town paper free to the right successor
“If this newspaper were to suddenly disappear, the town of Lafayette would suffer, the town of Nicollet would suffer and the town of Courtland would suffer,”

Notorious mobster writes his autobiography
Blackstone Publishing Acquires Autobiography ‘The Devil To Pay: A Mobster’s Road To Perdition’ From Former Winter Hill Gang Member Sean Scott Hicks
“I’ve been charged with bank robbery, kidnapping, conspiracy, racketeering, theft, extortion, money laundering, black mailing, aggravated assault, and attempted murder. In short, I was a monster.”

Removing fines brought back library books.
As libraries drop late fees, long-overdue books return — as do former patrons
“Before going fine-free, in January 2019, about 42,000 St. Paul cardholders — 17% of patrons in the system — had their borrowing privileges blocked due to racking up fines of $10 or more.”

NYC kids need real books, not woke BS
“Giving kids a book or two on racism or gender in the mix of assignments is appropriate, but many children feel they’re being force-fed a monotonous diet of ultra-woke claptrap.”

Well, this guy was just STUPID.
Ohio Court of Appeals Adopts “Discovery Rule” in Libel Case Involving a Forged E-Mail
“Based on the email, and the insinuations of bribery therein, the Auditor for the State of Ohio was notified. The Auditor’s Special Investigation’s Unit (SIU) launched an investigation into Weidman.”

WOW! Experts aren’t even allowed to be truthful about China’s ECONOMY!
Tongue tied: China’s censorship arm squeezes financial analysts
“Several high-profile Chinese economists and fund managers have seen their accounts on China’s Twitter-like Weibo suspended in recent months after remarks about lockdowns and slowing growth attracted unwanted attention.”

Big Tech Censorship is a threat to free speech
Want to fight Big Tech Censorship? Here’s Where to Start
“Any long-term solution to Big Tech censorship will require a fusion of state and local government cooperation. Big Tech censorship represents an existential threat to the future of free speech in America and must be fought at all costs.”

These books are NOT appropriate for 5 YEAR OLDS!
Seven books that show NYC is pushing transgenderism, LGBTQ+ curriculum to kids as young as kindergarten
“They are terrified to speak up,” said Labella, who is also running for New York State Senate with a top issue of restoring parents’ rights in education.

Again. 5 YEAR OLDS!!!
State Farm abandons support for LGBT book program targeting kids after whistleblower email release
“State Farm has withdrawn its support for a program that distributes LGBT-themed books to schools and libraries after a whistleblower leaked an email showing the company encouraged staff to donate books about gender identity to children as young as 5.”

They said they fired him for other reasons. I don’t believe that.
Florida university must reinstate professor who was fired over ‘Black privilege’ tweets
“The purpose of a university is not to make people feel comfortable,” he said. “This is not a church. This is not a social gathering. The purpose of a university is to make you uncomfortable and make you to think about things.”

Not sure whether to laugh or cry about this!
‘Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey’ Director Teases Slasher Film Plot: ‘Pooh and Piglet Go on a Rampage’
“A.A. Milne’s original ‘Winnie the Pooh’ stories only lapsed into the public domain five months ago, but the tubby little cubby has already made his foray into slasher films.”


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