Journalist threatened with jail for leaving one letter out during testimony – In the News – 04/27/23

Journalist threatened with jail for leaving one letter out during testimony – In the News – 04/27/23

Threatened with jail for leaving ONE LETTER out?!?!
Journalist Matt Taibbi threatened with prison time for perjury by top Democrat over Twitter Files testimony
“The error was a specific reference to CISA, the government’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, when he meant to refer to CIS, the Center for Internet Security, which is a private organization. Taibbi later addressed and corrected the error in his reporting.”

Of COURSE it contains copyrighted material! Imagine the future lawsuits…
Little can be done to copyright AI-generated content in America: AI lecturer
“Artificial intelligence software companies often train machine learning technologies with data culled from the internet and use that information to create content such as AI-generated art. This data may include copyrighted material.”

Stop detaining our journalists for “espionage!”
Russia ‘will not forgive’ U.S. denial of journalist visas
“The dispute comes in the wake of high tensions with Washington over the arrest last month of Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich, whom Russia accuses of espionage.”

Just because “professors” believe that racism is rampant doesn’t make it true.
Professors forced into retraction on ‘false’ research accusing employer of pervasive racism
“The authors solicited feedback from staff and students at the university, some who said they were exhausted with the DEI initiatives and others who said there was pervasive racism at the University of Minnesota.”

I’m surprised he didn’t get sued.
Matthew Perry will remove Keanu Reeves’ name from future editions of addiction memoir after facing backlash
“In his book, the ‘Friends’ star questioned how Reeves ‘still walks among us,’ while ‘the really talented guys’ died, such as River Phoenix and Chris Farley.”

Clearly they don’t want to hear the TRUTH from someone who lived it.
Christian university blocks Maoist China survivor from speaking over anti-woke views: ‘Extra concerning’
“‘What are they afraid of?’ she asked. ‘Those people who believe in lived experience, then they are going to get the lived experience from me because I’m not talking about an idea that I read or researched or studied.'”

Could ChatGPT be using YOUR words?
How we all became AI’s brain donors
“But without realizing it we were also creating a database, incomplete but rich, of human expression.”

The first amendment is the right of all, not some.
School district reinstates teacher fired for opposing LGBT kids book, pays $181K
“We commend the school district for finally doing the right thing and understanding that the First Amendment protects the right of Lindsey — and all public employees — to express their concerns about what schools are teaching children without the government cancelling them.”

Who is it that doesn’t want to “co-exist?”
Arizona state lawmaker caught red-handed on camera hiding Bibles in members-only lounge
“After being alerted to the Bible disappearances, gumshoes with the House security team started searching the lounge for the Bibles and found they had been placed underneath cushions of two chairs.”

Amen, Steve!
Steven Spielberg Regrets Editing Guns Out of ‘E.T.,’ Says ‘No Film Should Be Revised’ for Today’s Standards: ‘That Was a Mistake’
“’That was a mistake,’ Spielberg said. ‘I never should have done that. ‘E.T.’ is a product of its era. No film should be revised based on the lenses we now are, either voluntarily, or being forced to peer through.’”

Looks like he had everyone fooled.
Christian author Dave Hollis died from accidental overdose of cocaine, ethanol and fentanyl
“Hollis had a history of drug and alcohol abuse, high blood pressure, depression, hypertensive and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and moderate to severe atherosclerosis in his heart.”

Is this America, or Mao’s China?
Arguing COVID came from China could land you on Minnesota’s government bias registry according to new bill
“It seems very clear, based upon their focus on motivation, that they’re more concerned about what’s going on in people’s heads, which is protected speech, and that’s thoughtcrime,”


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