Netflix Sued for Using Man’s Photo in True-Crime Documentary – In The News – 04/21/23

Netflix Sued for Using Man’s Photo in True-Crime Documentary – In The News – 04/21/23

One would think a big company like “Netflix” would understand copyright and defamation laws.
Man sues Netflix for using his photo in true-crime documentary
“’Hazlewood’s reputation has clearly been tarnished,’ the lawsuit stated, according to WFAA. ‘There are many acquaintances who will see Hazelwood’s photograph in the film and will assume the worst without contacting Hazelwood to get the truth.’”

Reporter gets more than he bargains for when he leaves his recorder in commission chambers.
Oklahoma gov calls on officials to resign after ‘hanging’ and racist remarks on tape
“Oklahoma’s governor is seeking the resignation of four county officials after a newspaper’s audio recording apparently captured some of them complaining about two of the paper’s journalists and knowing hit men and where two holes are dug.”

A wonderful, positive message.
‘Family is to be cherished,’ says Dr. Nicole Saphier as she and her son offer book to aid others in hard times
“The new children’s book, complete with full-color illustrations, can help ‘other kids who may receive some bad news — whether it’s from a doctor, or at school — and just remind them of the importance of the family unit,’ she said, noting that mother and son wrote the book together.”

Attention Canadians: You no longer live in a free country!
Son of jailed Canadian pastor faces potential fines, prison for preaching outside kids’ drag queen story time
“an officer at the scene responded “Yeah” when asked if they were ticketing ‘just those who [Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek] opposes.'”

Well, at least he was honest.
Artist rejects photo prize after AI-generated image wins award
“AI images and photography should not compete with each other in an award like this. They are different entities. AI is not photography. Therefore I will not accept the award.”

Another one bites the dust.
BuzzFeed News will shut down
“‘…the news was “a long time coming,’ but said it still ‘stings.'”

A bold move.
Granger Smith feels ‘relief’ leaving country music to ‘serve’ God: ‘I need to completely surrender’
“I have a huge feeling of relief now that … I’ve been able to tell the world exactly what my intentions are and what I’m going to do…”

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