NJ Educational System “Has Lost Its D*mn Mind” – In The News – 04/08/2022

NJ Educational System “Has Lost Its D*mn Mind” – In The News – 04/08/2022

Don’t college administrators have better things to do than trying to destroy local businesses? 
Oberlin College Attempt to Overturn Defamation Suit from Bakery it Called ‘Racist’ Falls Short
“Oberlin College vice president and dean of students, Meredith Raimondo, handed out flyers stating that the bakery is a “RACIST establishment with a LONG ACCOUNT of RACIAL PROFILING and DISCRIMINATION,” according to court documents.”

I guess folks still need a quiet place to visit.
Libraries are more popular than ever — even as people borrow fewer books
“The study finds U.S. communities are using these spaces for local programs more and more.”

Here’s a thought: Stop posting falsehoods and political agendas on Twitter, and you won’t get “harassed.”
New York Times updates Twitter policy for reporters
“The issue w/ NYT is that they consistently buy into bad faith attacks online and punish their journalists when they’re subject to gamergate style smear campaigns,”

Another attempt to cancel comedy!
Marjorie Taylor Greene reports Jimmy Kimmel to cops over Will Smith joke
“’…your fans called my office today in direct response to you inciting physical violence towards me,’ she tweeted. ‘It’s not a joke. You knew exactly what you were doing.’”

Think Facebook cares about your kids? Think again!
Shock Claim: Facebook Moderators Told to ‘Err on the Side of an Adult’ with Potential Child Sexual Abuse Material
“The policy applies when a content moderator is unable to readily determine whether the subject in a suspected CSAM photo is a minor (‘B’) or an adult (‘C’). In such situations, content moderators are instructed to assume the subject is an adult, thereby allowing more images to go unreported to NCMEC.”

Gee, how come our kids are graduating school but don’t know basic math or language arts? What are they learning?
New Jersey Model Curriculum: ‘Gender Identity’ Lessons for 1st and 2nd Graders
“Today I reviewed all of the model school instruction materials and I truly think New Jersey has lost its damn mind.”










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