Getty Images Sues AI Company for Copyright Infringement – In The News – 04/08/2023

Getty Images Sues AI Company for Copyright Infringement – In The News – 04/08/2023


Artificial Intelligence, or Actual Theft of intellectual property?
The Briefing by the IP Law Blog: Getty Images Sues Stability AI for Copyright Infringement in Stable Diffusion Training
“Stability AI allegedly did not attempt to negotiate a license with Getty Images for the content but instead copied the images without Getty’s consent, which, according to Getty, constitutes clear copyright infringement.”

I actually have no problem with a psychology teacher asking students to write their own obituaries. I think it’s an interesting assignment!
Florida teacher fired over ‘inappropriate’ lesson, insists he ‘didn’t do anything wrong’
“It wasn’t to say, ‘You’re going to die, and let’s stress you out.'”

Employment candidates should be hired based on their knowledge, experience, and attitude. Nothing else. 
New York public library faces backlash over internship for ‘Black graduates’
“Can you imagine somebody posting for a fellowship at a public library and saying it’s only open to Whites? Nobody would do that…”

Oh, I’m sure it’s more than people working from home that is causing the downfall of Downtown SF!
San Francisco ‘doom loop’ threatens to gut downtown economy as employees work from home
“Last year, San Francisco topped a list of cities that homebuyers wanted to move away from. Twenty-four percent of buyers in a Redfin report were looking to leave San Francisco.”

Who is responsible when ChatGPT tells a “falsehood?”
Australian mayor readies world’s first defamation lawsuit over ChatGPT content
“It would potentially be a landmark moment in the sense that it’s applying this defamation law to a new area of artificial intelligence and publication in the IT space…”

I know exactly how he feels, having my own pro-cop book (about my years on the force) censored by social media.
Author James Patterson says liberal media like CNN is IGNORING his new book that tells real stories of cops’ lives – after blistering attack on New York Times for ‘cooking’ its Best Sellers list
“I think the problem is that the CNN’s and the MSNBC’s and their partners in the various other forms of media, it’s not that they don’t understand police, it’s really that they only cover police when it involves something in an officer-involved shooting.”

Woke book revisions continue.
As Classic Novels Get Revised for Today’s Readers, a Debate About Where to Draw the Line
“Critics say editing books posthumously is an affront to authors’ creative autonomy and can amount to censorship, and that even a well intentioned effort to weed out bigotry can open the door to more pervasive changes.”

When does monetizing data cross the line?
Publishers Call Out Ad-Tech Firms’ Sale of Contextual Data as IP Theft
“In lieu of cookies, publishers are investing in alternative signals like contextual data to monetize their audiences. As a result, publishers claim third-party ad-tech firms’ packaging and selling of this data as an intellectual property infringement.”


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