Don’t Write What You Know. Write What You Know Will SELL – In The News – 04/1/2022

Don’t Write What You Know. Write What You Know Will SELL – In The News – 04/1/2022

Writing what sells…
How the Epic, Dystopian Novel Took Over Bookshelves
“With a whiff of apocalypse accompanying our daily scroll through the news, there is something oddly reassuring about rehearsing doomsday scenarios in the comforting form of fiction. Several critically acclaimed novelists have lately turned toward science fiction, dystopian worlds and sweeping epics.”

A 15 Page $1.25 MILLION book!
A Tiny Brontë Book, Lost for a Century, Resurfaces
“The book was made of cheap, drab brown paper, unevenly trimmed and sewn together with thread, ‘textured like a tiny rope.’”

As more people flee his state, CA Gov. mocks parents who don’t want sexually explicit books in school libraries.
Gavin Newsom roasted for picture of him reading ‘banned books’ he says states are ‘afraid of’
“Gov. Gavin Newsom, D-Calif., was slammed on Twitter after posting a photo of himself reading “Beloved” by Toni Morrison, next to several other books he suggested some states are “afraid” of because of censorship.”

He will lose this lawsuit 
South Carolina school board member sues two critics for libel
“The Scully lawsuit cites several comments attributed to him, including ‘This is what you get with an incompetent, micromanaging board majority and an ineffective and weak superintendent,’ and ‘The board seems to be more concerned with settling personal vendettas than taking care of our district.’”

Big name concussion doctor accused of plagiarizing.
Plagiarism Scandal Puts Renowned Concussions Doctor Under Scrutiny
“With accusations of plagiarism mounting, McCrory resigned this month from the concussion group. Last week, the medical regulator in Australia acknowledged McCrory was barred from performing ‘neurodiagnostic procedures’ in May 2018, without providing a reason.”

Predatory publishing in medical journals is still a problem.
Firing, publishing ban, 15 retractions for author who ‘defrauded’ co-authors in pay-to-publish scheme
“Dr. Baig-Ansari shared her suspicions that additional articles by Rahil and this author group were likely fraudulent and we initiated as comprehensive an investigation as we could wherein we discovered (with Dr. Baig-Ansari’s help) that the authors were almost all medical students who naively paid Barkat to help cover the article editing.”

Pandering to all sides usually doesn’t end up very well for the panderer…
Seattle Pride drops Amazon as sponsor over alleged donations to anti-LGBTQ politicians: ‘Pride cannot be bought’
“Seattle Pride, the organization behind the city’s annual LGBTQ Pride celebrations, is dropping Amazon as one of its sponsors over the company’s alleged contributions to anti-LGBTQ politicians.”

When their political leanings affect their stories, it’s no longer “news.”
The mainstream media’s political activism is this country’s greatest threat to freedom of speech
“The painful reality this reveals is that while the mainstream media regularly proclaims itself to be America’s great defender of free speech, it is now the elite’s most effective mechanism for shutting down politically inconvenient news and opinion.”

It’s a very dangerous time to be a journalist.
Russians use abduction, hostage-taking to threaten Ukrainian journalists in occupied zones
“Ever since the start of the war in Ukraine, the Russian armed forces have been bullying and threatening journalists and local media in the conquered territories to prevent them reporting the facts and get them to spread Kremlin propaganda.”

That’s one loooooooong, drawn-out lawsuit!
Supreme Court to Consider Copyright Battle Over Warhol Paintings of Prince
“The Supreme Court agreed to consider whether a photographer can proceed with copyright-infringement claims against a series of Andy Warhol paintings of Prince, a closely watched appeal in the art world.”

Another media outlet blamed white supremacy for the incident.
CNN analyst blames Trump for aftermath of Will Smith-Chris Rock Oscars incident
“Rangappa was swiftly mocked for blaming Trump for the incident.”

Doesn’t Putin have better things to do? You know, like STOPPING the slaughter of innocent Ukrainian children?
J.K. Rowling pushes back against Putin’s ‘cancel culture’ comment
“Rowling, 56, caught wind of the remark and took to Twitter stating, ‘Critiques of Western cancel culture are possibly not best made by those currently slaughtering civilians for the crime of resistance, or who jail and poison their critics.'”

125-year-old ‘remember me’ letter by orphan choir boy discovered in church pew sparks writing campaign
“A 125-year-old letter written by a choir boy who was orphaned after his father died was discovered stuffed down the side of one of the pews at Sunderland Parish Church.”

Wordle goes Woke!!
The New York Times says they will remove ‘potentially insensitive words’ from Wordle
“The New York Times announced on Wednesday that they have begun removing ‘potentially insensitive words’ from the popular web game Wordle after players noticed more than one acceptable answer to the puzzle that day.”









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