French Say Google Must Pay for Content Use; Publisher Begs Amazon for Help; Pedophile Author Victim Speaks …In the News for April 9, 2020

French Say Google Must Pay for Content Use; Publisher Begs Amazon for Help; Pedophile Author Victim Speaks …In the News for April 9, 2020

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Print Units Rose 6.9% Last Week
“All four of the major publishing categories posted gains last week over the previous week.”

I wonder what would happen if Google simply removed them from its search results…
French Regulator: Google Must Pay French News and Publishing Firms for Using their Content
“The ruling…followed an earlier complaint by several unions representing French press publishers regarding Google’s practices.”

Did they REALLY think that gamers play Call of Duty because of Humvees???
You Have a First Amendment Right to Humvees in Call of Duty Games, Judge Rules
“Activision’s purpose is to create realistically simulating modern warfare video games for purchase by consumers…”

Senate candidate sues media for calling him a “felon.”
Media Companies Must Face Coal Executive’s $12 Billion Libel Suit
“We live in an age of weaponized defamation where lies can be repeated in more ways at more times in more places with more speed than anyone could possibly have imagined even five years ago.”

Open letter to Jeff Bezos from a publisher.
PubWest to Amazon: Publishing Needs Your Help
“Amazon began life as a bookseller. We ask that you acknowledge this core relationship and help us in our time of need.”

Another victim of pedophile author speaks out.
British journalist says she was a victim of French paedophile author Gabriel Matzneff who ‘waited outside school every day for her when she was 15’
“The 83-year-old has never made any secret of his sexual preference for adolescent girls and boys.”

Editor walks away from Hollywood Reporter
Hollywood Reporter Editor Matt Belloni Steps Down Amid Debate Over Editorial Independence
“In addition, the insider said Satchu and Wiczyk have directed Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter to not write any story that negatively impacts their business interests in any way — a position that Belloni and editor at large Kim Masters actively opposed.”

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