What? Free Speech for Only Certain Groups? – In The News – 03/31/2023

What? Free Speech for Only Certain Groups? – In The News – 03/31/2023

Stanford law students apparently don’t know, you know, the law.
Stanford Law protesters demand to have names redacted from news reports: ‘Not how the First Amendment works’
“What’s eminently clear from the drama unfolding in Palo Alto is that while Stanford law students may be the vanguard of an anti-constitutional revolution, they don’t know much about the law. “

They simply can’t stand the idea of a Christian being able to speak freely.
Tennessee library director fired over ‘unkind pushback’ during Kirk Cameron event
“…police say the library received 14 emails from a single account alluding to deaths and a plan to blow up the building.”

We saw these online and we knew they were a joke.
Trial of 2016 Twitter Troll to Test Limits of Online Speech
“The goal, federal prosecutors said, was to suppress votes for Ms. Clinton by persuading her supporters to falsely believe they could cast presidential ballots by text message.”

Jack Daniels fails to get dog humor
Supreme Court humors itself as it considers whether Jack Daniel’s can stop a dog toy company from parodying its brand
“Joining the dog pile, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson said she was “concerned about impairing artists” if the court sided with Jack Daniel’s and issued a decision that effectively prevents the unauthorized use of marks in artistic works.”

The battle against mass copying books continues
Internet Archive’s Copyright Battle with Book Publishers Nears Climax
“The publishers see IA’s library as a rogue operation that engages in willful mass copyright infringement, directly damaging their bottom line. As such, they want it permanently taken down.”

The right move to help prevent the grooming of our children
MO lawmakers move to strip public library funding in retaliation over book ban lawsuit
“The law, which was approved last year as part of a larger package addressing sexual assault survivors’ rights, prohibits images in school materials that could be considered sexually explicit, such as depictions of genitals or sex acts.”

It goes to show how popular the book is.
Tallahassee fans wait an hour and spend $42 for seven seconds with Ron DeSantis on book tour
“’He really represents freedom. When I see him, I see freedom and I think we have a chance. That’s how I feel,’ said Futch.”

It was really dumb for her lawyer to take this case
Meghan Markle sister’s defamation lawsuit tossed by federal judge
“On Thursday, a judge threw out Samantha’s case, saying that Meghan wasn’t guilty because every statement she made that Samantha took issue with was an obvious opinion and therefore didn’t meet the criteria for defamation.”


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