Instagram Starts Limiting Some Political Content Just in Time for the Election – In The News – 03/23/2024

Instagram Starts Limiting Some Political Content Just in Time for the Election – In The News – 03/23/2024

Just in time for the election, right???
Instagram users fume as app begins limiting political content
“While Meta owner Mark Zuckerberg pumped big bucks into the 2020 presidential election to help people get out and vote, his company has begun restricting Instagram users’ access to political information in their feeds ahead of November’s election.”

Trudeau has gone off the deep end.
Canadian law endorsed by Trudeau government could imprison people for life for speech crimes
“Citing a government spokesperson, the bill would increase the maximum penalty specifically for advocating genocide from five years to life imprisonment and from two years to five years, on indictment, for the willful promotion of hatred.”

Somebody explain to me when antisemitism became an acceptable form of bigotry.
Systemic Bias? Top Reuters Editors Share Disturbing Content Online
“Abdelsamad had been exposed by the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting and Analysis (CAMERA) after retweeting a video of Israelis hiding in fear on October 7, entitled: ‘settlers hiding inside a tin container in fear of the Palestinian resistance warriors.’”

So now Jew hatred is “cool” among celebrities at the Academy Awards.
Oscars stars slammed for wearing ‘grotesque’ red pin that symbolizes murdered soldiers
“The ‘red hand pin’ is a grotesque symbol of homicidal Jew-hatred, and wearing it reflects, at best, the wearer’s stunning ignorance, or, at worst, support for the genocide of the Jewish people…”

Another attempt to erase our history.
Granddaughter of nurse in iconic kiss in V-J Day photo speaks out
“’George grabbed her and kissed her. It was a split-second thing, and the photographer just happened to be there,’ the granddaughter said. ‘She never felt violated or anything like that.'”

Remember: Artificial “Intelligence” only vomits out what the programmers put into it.
Proliferating ‘news’ sites spew AI-generated fake stories
“‘Israeli Prime Minister’s psychiatrist commits suicide,’ still tops the list of ‘popular articles’ highlighted on Global Village Space, a Pakistani digital outlet, after it made an online splash in November with baseless claims about a suicide note blaming Netanyahu.”

Censoring doctors means hiding the truth from citizens.
NBA legend John Stockton sues Washington AG, medical commission for allegedly stifling doctors’ free speech
“So if the doctors can’t speak… these brilliant people that we have in our culture, can’t speak when they know truths, their truths, and now we’re deprived of that opportunity to hear… the… wisdom they have to share, I think that’s a big deal,” he continued.

Supreme court justice clearly wants to censor U.S. citizens!
Justice Jackson ripped for worrying about the First Amendment ‘hamstringing’ government: ‘Literally the point’
“Supreme Court heard arguments challenging the Biden administration’s collaboration with Big Tech.”

Alina Adams offers excellent and creative advice!
Using Nonfiction News Hooks To Sell Your Fiction
“What I want to talk about in this post, however, is not how I marketed, but who I marketed to.”

The ghostwriter didn’t have the security clearances for that!
House Judiciary subpoenas Biden ghostwriter amid classified records investigation
“House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan has subpoenaed Mark Zwonitzer, the ghostwriter of President Biden’s memoir amid the panel’s oversight probe of Special Counsel Robert Hur’s investigation into Biden’s retention of classified records.”


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