British Publisher Lets China Censor Content in Books Being Sold in the West – In The News – 03/17/2022

British Publisher Lets China Censor Content in Books Being Sold in the West – In The News – 03/17/2022

So now CHINA gets to dictate what WE read in the WEST??
British publishers censor books for western readers to appease China
“These books, which are sold in the West, were censored after the companies’ Chinese suppliers said they were unable to publish the texts in their original forms due to legal restrictions on what can be published in China, according to the FT. Limitations include compliance with a rule introduced in January 2018 that requires all maps to be approved by the state before being published, the South China Morning Post reported.”

Are people getting tired of having of having to “subscribe” to everything?
Could publishers be facing peak subscription?
“The problems come when companies jump on the bandwagon with poor subscription strategies that offer no clear benefit for the customer.”

These are the people who feel qualified to TEACH YOUR KIDS?!
Teachers union president misspells Ukraine on Twitter after posing with upside-down Ukrainian flag
“The spelling mistake came a day after the AFT was slammed on social media for promoting a tweet where the Ukrainian flag was depicted upside down in a post that was also deleted.”

Good approach to dealing with cheaters.
A professor found his exam questions posted online. He’s suing the students responsible for copyright infringement.
“His real goal is to force Course Hero to reveal who posted the questions and find out whether they received help answering them last spring. Then he plans to pass the names on to Chapman’s honor board for possible disciplinary action.”

Russia strikes back against sanctions with legal copyright infringement against other countries’ products
The Peppa Pig revenge: Explained how Russia is retaliating to sanctions by encouraging copyright, trademark, and patent infringement
“The Peppa Pig verdict, however, obscure is a cause of worry. There’s fear that the world’s ‘most-sanctioned nation’ could encourage more trademark violations with the Kremlin issuing an order that permits patented inventions and industrial designs from “unfriendly countries” to be used without permission.”

Company fails to silence author.
Journalist wins ‘kleptocrat’ book High Court libel case
“A spokesman for HarperCollins described the case as “lawfare” – legal action that poses such massive financial risks to a defendant it has the effect of silencing them or making them withdraw.”










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