Words From Explicit “Children’s Book” Too Offensive for 60 Minutes Segment; and much more! – In The News – 03/08/24

Words From Explicit “Children’s Book” Too Offensive for 60 Minutes Segment; and much more! – In The News – 03/08/24

The material was so explicit that 60 Minutes had to edit out the audio…yet the book is IN SCHOOLS!
’60 Minutes’ host presses Moms for Liberty co-founders in heated interview: ‘You’re being evasive’
“Pelley again narrated over the segment as Justice was seen reading examples from books that she brought in to show the sexually explicit nature of the books in question.”

Again, wokeness is programmed INTO “Artificial” Intelligence.
Microsoft Copilot: AI chatbot gives questionable answers on teaching sex, DEI, LGBTQ topics to preschool kids
“Copilot included a section called “Supporting LGBTQIA+ Children and Families in Preschool,” which said schools can “create an inclusive environment” by using books that represent LGBTQ characters, respect pronouns and “gender-neutral language…”

The bias comes from those who program it.
Google Gemini using ‘invisible’ commands to define ‘toxicity’ and shape the online world: Digital expert
“When it comes to AI censorship, whoever controls the definition of toxicity controls the outcome. Every model action (generative AI output) will fundamentally stem from how toxicity is defined.”

So desperate to cram their agenda down our throats, they’ll commit copyright infringement.
Trans Joker Movie The People’s Joker Being Released Despite Warner Bros.’ Copyright Objections
“Warner Bros. argued copyright infringement, but Drew maintains that the film is protected under fair-use laws. The premiere screening took place as planned, but further TIFF screenings were cancelled and Drew pulled the movie from other planned festival showings.”

Here’s a good example why you should NOT waive attorney/client privilege.
Eagles co-founder Don Henley ‘victimized’ by ‘Hotel California’ trial dismissal: lawyer
“As the victim in this case, Mr. Henley has once again been victimized by this unjust outcome. He will pursue all his rights in the civil courts.”

The same excuse the Pharisees used to crucify Jesus.
Pastor wins fight to keep preaching on UK streets after police told him he couldn’t discuss other religions
“But at the meeting, he was served with a warning notice that forbid him from criticizing any religions other than Christianity, banning him from ‘delivering a sermon or religious address at a time or place that has not had prior consent and approval of Avon & Somerset Constabulary…'”

NYT can’t even search for a leak without the snowflakes crying foul.
New York Times accused of racial targeting in leak hunt over Israel stories
“The NewsGuild’s claim that we targeted people based on their associations or ethnicity is preposterous,” Danielle Rhoades Ha said in a statement.

If we’re going to fight racism, let’s get serious.
Ohio senator demands Google ‘breakup’ amid Gemini debacle: ‘One of the most dangerous companies in the world’
“We cannot allow a company that is in bed with some of the worst people in the world to control the flow of information and to bias it in a left-wing direction,” he continued. “We [have] got to break this company up and bring back some common sense standards.”


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