Alina Adams Exposes Book Marketing Scammer – PART 2!!! – In The News – 03/01/24

Alina Adams Exposes Book Marketing Scammer – PART 2!!! – In The News – 03/01/24

Alina Adams is awesome! WE LOVE THIS CHICK!!
The Book Marketing Scammer Strikes Back!
“You are not Joe. I TALKED TO THE REAL JOE.”

Google offers B.S. excuse for why there is racism in its AI.
Google Explains What Went Wrong With Gemini’s AI Image Generation
“…our tuning to ensure that Gemini showed a range of people failed to account for cases that should clearly not show a range.”

This is no different from, “She shouldn’t have been raped, but look what she was wearing.”
AP report on Laken Riley murder omits suspect’s immigration status, focuses on dangers of women jogging alone
“AP published an article on the murder on Saturday without referencing Ibarra’s immigration or criminal record and instead focused on how Riley was murdered while jogging by herself.”

It seems my accusations of mainstream media bias keep proving themselves true.
Ex-NY Times editor says staffers were worried ‘lending credence’ to Hunter Biden laptop story would hurt Dems
“In a lengthy piece for The Atlantic, Rubenstein said the paper was essentially failing to fulfill its goal of being ‘journalistic, rather than activist.'”

I say let anyone say anything they want, and stop censoring people they don’t like.
Supreme Court justices express free speech concerns about GOP-backed social media laws
“It’s your message when you want to escape state regulation. But it’s not your message when you want to escape liability.”

Don’t take our word that mainstream media biased. Listen to an insider.
I Was a Heretic at The New York Times
“I often found myself asking questions like ‘Doesn’t all of this talk of ‘voter suppression’ on the left sound similar to charges of ‘voter fraud’ on the right?’ only to realize how unwelcome such questions were.”

Prince Caspian gets to the big stage.
CS Lewis’ ‘Prince Caspian’ hits the stage at Museum of the Bible; script vetted by author’s stepson
“One of the things I have always loved about this story is that Lewis gives us truly relatable people who face incredibly difficult circumstances and overcome them by using things that are available to us all — faith, hope, courage and self-sacrifice,”

Is social media the reason other news outlets to go under?
The Social Distortion Field
“The Journal and The Times published reports … indicating that Meta willfully allowed child sexual exploitation to exist on Instagram.”

ChatGPT has made a LOT of enemies.
The Intercept and Raw Story, Progressive News Stalwarts, Sue OpenAI
“OpenAI taught ChatGPT to ignore journalists’ copyrights and hide its use of copyright-protected material.”

They REALLY don’t want to face the truth, do they?
CNN claims ‘little evidence’ to connect crime to border crisis in Georgia student murder report
“A recent Pew Research Center poll found a majority of Americans believe an influx of illegal immigrants leads to more crime. The CNN report disputed this notion, claiming researchers ‘have found no such connection.'”

Incompetent handling of COVID, California inflation causes bookstore to close – leaves elderly owner destitute.
Closure of beloved California bookstore highlights struggles of small businesses in expensive state
“Then, during the shutdowns, sales dropped to almost zero. Bills still came due, as did the shop’s rent and the fee for a storage unit where she kept overflow books, which together cost about $2,000 a month…”

So … racial segregation is okay now?
London play will have ‘all-Black’ audience nights to allow experience ‘free from the White gaze’
“In other circles it would be illegal and racial discrimination,” a senior Tory Member of Parliament told the Daily Mail. “I don’t understand why this isn’t.”

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