Amazon/Whole Foods Sued for Not Hiring a Murderer – In The News – 02/25/2022

Amazon/Whole Foods Sued for Not Hiring a Murderer – In The News – 02/25/2022

For once, we’re siding with Amazon…
Judge rules Amazon, Whole Foods can be sued for refusing to hire convicted murderer
“Franklin reportedly answered ‘no’ to a question asking if he had a criminal record when he applied for the job in April 2019. Amazon and Whole Foods argued that Franklin’s provision of inaccurate information provided a sufficient rationale for rejecting his application.”

If the directors of a charity are not spending money they way they promised they would, they can go to jail…
Amazon suspends Black Lives Matter from charity program as controversy swirls around group’s finances
“The news comes after BLMGNF shut down all of its online fundraising earlier this month following demands by attorneys general in California and Washington state that it submit delinquent financial disclosures for 2020, the Examiner reported.”

More Cancel Culture INSANITY!
Why we don’t want Europe-style free speech in America
“The discrimination coordinators quickly sent an email to Trent’s entire law school class ‘condemn(ing) in the strongest possible terms’ Trent’s “pejorative and racist language.’ Yes, this is the same Yale in which a speaker told students in April she ‘fantasizes about shooting white people in the head.’ This is but one of the examples of woke attacks on free speech, while progressives increasingly exhort us to follow European-style censorships.”

Unethical? Sure. But not illegal. I can’t believe he got away with it for that long!
Ronn Torossian Admits To “Ethical Lapses” Amid News Site Controversy
“Torossian’s apology comes following Crain’s New York Business’s report last week that he does indeed own Everything-PR, despite years of denial, and used the site to boost his own firm while slamming other agencies.”

What a JERK! Slamming your ex hurts your kids more than your ex!
Kanye West’s social media posts ‘fair game’ in divorce proceedings with Kim Kardashian, legal experts say
“Kanye West’s rants about his divorce could hurt his arguments on any custody and other parenting issues since he is clearly willing to put his own needs to express his feelings over their best interests,” Miller added.

It’s always a bad idea to work without contracts…
ResearchGate Wins (& Loses) Scientific Publishers’ Copyright Lawsuit
“A court in Germany has now prohibited ResearchGate from making those titles available but refused to award damages due to the plaintiffs’ failure to demonstrate acquisition rights.”

Shopify is probably going to win this lawsuit. You have to pursue the publisher, not the retailer. 
Shopify Denies Allegations in Textbook Pirating Lawsuit
“A group of five educational publishers, including Pearson Education Inc. and McGraw Hill LLC, sued Shopify in December. Their suit claims the e-commerce company is liable for the unauthorized school textbooks, test packs and solutions manuals sold by websites using Shopify’s services.”

Come on… Everybody knows that subscribing to a magazine will increase the quantity of your junk mail. Incidentally, at WritersWeekly, we NEVER HAVE and NEVER WILL share our mailing list because it’s just a nasty thing to do. 
Fast Company Publisher Disclosed Subscriber Mailing Lists Without Consent, Class Action Alleges
“A Fast Company magazine subscriber claims in the 26-page case that he has ‘received a barrage of unwanted junk mail’ as a result of Mansueto’s disclosure of his information to data aggregators, appenders and cooperatives, and list brokers, who in turn shared the data with ‘aggressive advertisers, political organizations, and non-profit companies.'”

We disagree with the court in this matter. And, by the way, that “employee” who did what is described below IS A JERK. 
Texas A&M Immune From Copyright Lawsuit Over Unauthorized Publication Of Article About The “12th Man”
“In 2010, Bynum sent a draft of his book to the Associate Director of Media Relations in Texas A&M’s Athletic Department. The draft included a copyright notice and a statement that ‘no part of the book may be reproduced or used in any form or by any means … without the permission of the publisher.’ Four years later, that employee directed his assistant to retype the chapter, remove references to Bynum, include the byline ‘by Whit Canning, special to Texas A&M Athletics,’ and change the original title from ‘An A&M Legend Comes to Life’ to ‘The Original 12th Man.’ Shortly thereafter, the modified article was published on the Athletic Department website and promoted via Twitter…”


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