Art Teacher Caught Selling His Students’ Works Online; and MUCH MORE! – In The News – 02/16/2024

Art Teacher Caught Selling His Students’ Works Online; and MUCH MORE! – In The News – 02/16/2024

This teacher is a dirtbag!
Canadian art teacher accused of using ‘sweatshop of children’ after selling students’ work online
“’This guy basically had his own little, you know, sweatshop of children,’ father Joel DeBellefeuille told the Washington Post. ‘It’s insane. I’m still in disbelief.’”

After all of that, an elementary school actually hired her???
Rachel Dolezal, former Spokane NAACP chapter head who faked being Black, loses teaching job over OnlyFans page
“Dolezal was still claiming to be Black as recently as 2021 when she told the ‘Tamron Hall’ show in an interview that she had been unable to secure a job.”

Again, hijacking classical literature with wokeness.
The Leftist Kidnapping Of Anne Of Green Gables
“In short, it is swiftly becoming impossible to simply celebrate Anne of Green Gables without some insisting that we talk about everything else as well.”

Will your doctor diagnose the cause of your ailment as “Climate Change,” “Imperialism,” or “Capitalist greed?”
UCLA medical school assignments call for abolition of borders, says crisis ‘imagined:’ Report
“As in the first reading, Walia says mass migration is due to factors like colonialism and U.S. imperialism. She argues that there is no ‘border crisis’ in the United States or anywhere else.”

We need this in every school district.
Indiana launches website for parents to report LGBT, racial indoctrination in schools
“Our kids need to focus on fundamental educational building blocks, NOT ideology that divides kids from their parents and normal society,”

Bloggers lose big lawsuit.
Famed climate scientist wins million-dollar verdict against right-wing bloggers
“’I hope this verdict sends a message that falsely attacking climate scientists is not protected speech,” Mann said in a statement.

They actually NAMED it “Woke Kindergarten???”
California teacher who criticized ‘Woke Kindergarten’ program put on leave
“The school spent $250,000 in federal funds provided by a program meant to help boost test scores for some of the country’s lowest-performing schools, according to the Chronicle, but after two years with Woke Kindergarten, students’ scores are reportedly worse.”

An Oldie but an Epic Goodie!
University of Texas apologizes for ‘pubic affairs’ commencement typo
“Obviously, we are mortified. It’s beyond embarrassing,”


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