Missouri Threatens to JAIL Librarians?; Manuscript Finds Publisher 87 Years Later… and MORE! – In The News – 02/06/2020

Missouri Threatens to JAIL Librarians?; Manuscript Finds Publisher 87 Years Later… and MORE! – In The News – 02/06/2020

Big Brother is watching, and fining!
Proposed Missouri book ban could jail librarians for loaning ‘inappropriate’ content
“Librarians and free speech advocates are fighting back against a proposal in the Missouri House of Representatives that would ban certain books from the state’s libraries with the threat of a misdemeanor charge.”

I wonder if Jeff Bezos himself could perform the tasks his employees must do?
‘I’m not a robot’: Amazon workers condemn unsafe, grueling conditions at warehouse
As a sorter on the outbound ship dock, her job is to inspect and scan a mandated rate of 1,800 Amazon packages an hour – 30 per minute – that are sent through a chute and transported on a conveyor belt before leaving the facility for delivery.”

American Dirt publisher agrees to increase Latinx inclusion amid controversy
“Members of the #DignidadLiteraria movement, a coalition that formed in response to the controversy around the new novel American Dirt, gathered outside the offices of Macmillan Publishers in New York on Monday to announce an agreement made with the publisher in the wake of heavy criticism about the book and the publishing industry.”

If you have some spare time, this is an interesting story.
A Book So Far Ahead of Its Time, It Took 87 Years to Find a Publisher
“’Romance in Marseille,’ published by Penguin Classics and edited by Gary Edward Holcomb and William J. Maxwell, is the second of McKay’s posthumous novels to appear in recent years, after the 2017 publication of ‘Amiable With Big Teeth.’ McKay began writing ‘Romance in Marseille’ in 1929 and put it aside in 1933. It was a practical decision; McKay earned his living from writing, and his editor, Eugene Saxton, who had previously challenged sexually transgressive passages in his books, believed that ‘Romance in Marseille’ was too shocking to sell.”

And you thought your job was stressful! He’s been targeted two times now.
Newspaper publisher targeted with explosive device
“The assailants who were on a motorbike, smashed windows of the publisher’s car parked outside the taverna ‘Finikes’ and threw into it an explosive device.”

Paypal holds payments when certain words are included in the payment description
PayPal Holds Payments to Magazine’s Staff After Publisher Mentioned Article on Iran in Notes
“According to Plitman, the issues began on Feb. 2, when he began sending out pay to the magazine’s workforce. Two went through fine before he sent the one incidentally referencing Iran to Klion, he said, which brought up a message saying that the payment may need review. The remaining eight payments appeared to go through fine, even sending email confirmations, but Jewish Currents staff told Plitman they never received the money.”

I bet YOUR tax rate is a lot higher than this.
Amazon paid a 1.2% tax rate on $13,285,000,000 in profit for 2019
“But this year, while the company says it has paid ‘billions’ in taxes for the year 2019, in reality it only paid $162 million in federal income tax — an effective tax rate of 1.2% on over $13 billion in profits.”


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