Now Harvard’s DEI Chief Has Been Accused of 40 Counts of Plagiarism – In The News – 02/02/2024

Now Harvard’s DEI Chief Has Been Accused of 40 Counts of Plagiarism – In The News – 02/02/2024

Has ANYONE at Harvard created ANY original work??
Harvard chief DEI officer accused of 40 counts of plagiarism, including lifting from her own husband: report
“And in her sole peer-reviewed journal article — coauthored with her husband, LaVar Charleston, in 2014—the couple recycle much of a 2012 study published by LaVar Charleston, the deputy vice chancellor for diversity and inclusion at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, framing the old material as new research.”

Artist victory in copyright case.
Kat Von D Beats Photographer’s Copyright Lawsuit Over Miles Davis Tattoo
“It’s been two years of a nightmare worrying about this, not just for myself but for my fellow tattoo artists.”

Did LA Times owner try to censor a story to protect a friend?
Los Angeles Times Owner Clashed With Top Editor Over Unpublished Article
“…it is unusual for an owner or a publisher to pressure editors to stop reporting on a story well before publication, especially in cases that do not put government secrets or human lives at risk.”

If they actually reported NEWS instead of being propaganda machines, this might not be happening.
The News Business Really Is Cratering
Targeted advertising on the web has diminished the old advertisers’ complaint that 50 percent of their ad budgets are wasted and they just didn’t know which half.”

Nude Swift pics are fakes.
Taylor Swift Has Threatened Legal Action Over AI and Fake Nudes Before
“…many of the phony Swift nudes that ended up on social media were also uploaded to a site called Celeb Jihad…”

If they would simply stop calling themselves “fact checkers” instead of propagandists, we could all get on with our lives.
Biden hard hat debacle is latest black mark for left-leaning, fact-checking site Snopes
“Snopes is the kid that thinks they’re the smartest student in the room and the apple of the teacher’s eye, but in reality, they’re the one everyone makes fun of for being a smart aleck…”

What would YOU do?
Christian pastor dropped by radio network stands by advice to grandmother on attending LGBTQ wedding
“The Christian has to say, ‘We will not treat you in either of those ways. We cannot revile you, but we cannot affirm you.'”

Censorship, or a measure to protect integrity of investigations?
Croatian Journalists Protest Against ‘Anti-leaks’ Bill
“…journalists say the bill would silence their sources and reduce information provided by whistleblowers, making reporting on corruption and public affairs issues increasingly difficult.”


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