Coronavirus Postpones International Book Fair; Mayor Apologizes for Using Self-Published Book to Steal; NYT Publishes Taliban Op-Ed; and MUCH MORE…In The News – 02/26/2020

Coronavirus Postpones International Book Fair; Mayor Apologizes for Using Self-Published Book to Steal; NYT Publishes Taliban Op-Ed; and MUCH MORE…In The News – 02/26/2020

CoronaVirus Shuts Down Bologna Children’s Book Fair – For Now
Publishers, Agents Scramble to Reschedule Bologna
“We were planning on four people going. But we don’t want everyone coming back sick and getting quarantined.”

If You Fail as a Congresswoman, Try Soft Literary Porn…
Katie Hill to Publish Memoir
“‘It would be much easier for me to just disappear, but I’m not, and this is an act of defiance, staying in the forefront,’ she said. ‘You can’t let other people take away your power or your voice, even when it’s hard.’”

Should NYT Just Change Their Name To “Al-Jazeera?”
New York Times Hit for Publishing Op-ed by Taliban Leader Linked to ‘Ruthless Attacks’
“Some of the criticism of the op-ed stemmed from the Times not explaining the Haqqani family’s role in the Taliban or the author’s involvement in deadly military strikes that have killed Afghan citizens and American soldiers.”

WooHoo!!! More Star Wars!!!
Lucasfilm Unveils ‘Star Wars’ Publishing Event ‘High Republic’
“’We are so excited to be opening up such a rich, fertile era for our authors to explore,’ Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy said in a statement. ‘We’ll get to see the Jedi in their prime.’”

Defamation – in a Single Text to One Individual?
Can a Single Text Really Be Defamatory? (Yup)
“Kesha’s claim that record producer Lukasz ‘Dr. Luke’ Gottwald assaulted Katy Perry was defamatory, that ‘publication of a false statement to even one person, here Lady Gaga, is sufficient to impose liability.’”

Britain’s Growing Free Speech Problem
Britain’s Free Speech Suffers Three New Blows in Seven Days
“Too often, the most powerful in society use their wealth and position to deter reporting on their activities.”

Baltimore Mayor Used Her Self-Published Book to Line Her Corrupt Pockets
Baltimore Ex-mayor Releases Apology Video Ahead of Thursday Sentencing: ‘I Really Messed Up’
“Pugh received $500,000 from the University of Maryland Medical System, where she was a board member, for 100,000 copies of her books, but there was no contract, and the system described some of the purchases as “grants” in federal filings.”

Well, that’s definitely one way to stop your critics!
Nicaragua’s last newspaper dared to criticize the government. Then it lost its ink and paper
“But the Managua-based newspaper faced another, more immediate challenge. For more than a year, President Daniel Ortega had barred La Prensa from accessing two of its most essential ingredients: newsprint and ink.”

Yes, public figures CAN sue.
Trump campaign sues The New York Times for libel over Russia opinion article
“President Donald Trump’s campaign sued The New York Times on Wednesday for libel over an opinion article, saying the newspaper published its allegedly false claims last year with the ‘intentional purpose” of damaging Trump’s chances for reelection this year.”

I see a lawsuit in ABC’s future…
ABC News Suspends Reporter On Eve Of Project Veritas Exposure
The upcoming Project Veritas video “will expose ABC News’ agenda to mislead voters and push their own narratives,” O’Keefe tweeted.

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