Kaepernick Publishing?; Are Newspapers Finished?; Coronavirus Affecting Publishing; and more! – In The News – 02/13/2020

Kaepernick Publishing?; Are Newspapers Finished?; Coronavirus Affecting Publishing; and more! – In The News – 02/13/2020

He failed in the NFL…so now he’ll try publishing?
Colin Kaepernick, Ex-NFL Star Turned Symbol Of Defiance, To Release Memoir; Inks Multi-Project Deal With Audible
“Kaepernick, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback who has been out of football since 2016 and recently botched a scheduled league-wide
tryout, will release the memoir on his own Kaepernick Publishing.”

Coronavirus affects publishing as well…
Virus Impacts Publishing In and Out of China
“While publishers may be able to work remotely from home, printers need to be onsite to run their factories.”

I guess HE doesn’t support #MeToo?
Virginia lieutenant governor’s libel lawsuit against CBS dismissed by judge
“Fairfax initially sued CBS in September 2019 for defamation after the network aired interviews with two women, Meredith Watson and Vanessa
Tyson, who accused him of sexual assault.”

Being a blogger in Europe is a risky endeavor.
RUSSIAN ‘HIT’ Anti-Putin blogger has his throat slit in a hotel room after vocally opposing the Russian President
“His is the latest death to spark concerns of a Russian political hit squad running amok in Europe, hunting down any anti-establishment voices in

Big name in media going bankrupt.
McClatchy files bankruptcy to shed costs of print legacy and speed shift to digital
“McClatchy executives fought for months to avoid Thursday’s filing; the company pursued multiple regulatory and legislative avenues to address its pension and debt obligations before turning to the bankruptcy process.”

No future for newspapers??
Munger Tells His Newspaper Company That Papers Are Finished
“‘They’re all going to die,’ Munger said Wednesday. ‘It’s a sad thing.’ He named some exceptions, saying the New York Times and Wall Street Journal are likely to survive.”


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