Why People Are Burning This Author’s Books at His Grave – In The News – 01/27/2022

Why People Are Burning This Author’s Books at His Grave – In The News – 01/27/2022

* Education / Literature / Cancel Culture
“Antiquated portrayal of racism?” How can we learn from the past if we erase it? 
Washington State School Board Removes Classic Novel from Curriculum After Complaints of Racial Insensitivity.
“In the story … lawyer Atticus Finch, defends Tom Robinson, a Black man who was accused of raping Mayella Ewell, a young white woman. Despite strong evidence of Robinson’s innocence, he is found guilty of raping Ewell.”

* Frivolous Litigation
$5 million because your favorite actress didn’t appear in a movie?? You seriously need a job!
Ana de Armas fans sue Universal for $5 Million for Cutting her out of ‘Yesterday’
“After they spent $3.99 each to rent the movie on Amazon Prime, they were upset to discover that the actress’ part had been cut out of the movie.”

* Defamation / Libel
If this wasn’t “actual malice,” I don’t know what is.
Why the Sarah Palin v. New York Times Trial will be an ‘Excruciating Experience’ for the Paper
“Palin sued the paper in 2017 over an editorial that incorrectly linked the 2011 shooting of Rep. Gabby Giffords to a map circulated by Palin’s PAC that showed certain electoral districts under crosshairs.”

* Amazonannigans
Wow! I’ll bet he wasn’t expecting THIS to be a hazard of the job!
Caught on Camera: Amazon Delivery Driver Faces off with a Black Bear
“Stop right there! There is a bear right there! Can you hear me? That’s a bear! Back away!”


* Trademark Infringement
Hint: If you are a band, DON’T use a mega-super band’s name.
ABBA Settles Lawsuit Against Tribute Band Over Abba Mania Name
“It also accused the defendants of rejecting its demand to change its name and the abbamania.com website, or else to use ‘ABBA Tribute’ in a way that wouldn’t confuse people.”

* Journalism / Media Bias
The feds are hiring writers to create future court testimony for government officials. WOW. 
Biden’s Homeland Security Dept. Recruiting Journalists To Help Spin Border Crisis
“ICE, meanwhile, is looking for two writers whose duties will include ‘creating talking points’ for the senior agency officials who will presumably be called to testify before Congress if Republicans take power.”

* Education
If teachers and their unions focused less on politics and more on our children, our country would be in better shape.
NYC Professors sue over Forced Representation by ‘anti-Semitic’ Union
“The plaintiffs say the resolution was ‘anti-Semitic, anti-Jewish, and anti-Israel,’ and that PSC has ‘single[d] them out for opprobrium, hatred, and harassment based on their religious, ethnic, and/or moral beliefs and identity.'”

* Publishing
If someone commits suicide after accusations like this, people naturally assume he or she was GUILTY. 
Chaim Walder’s Books Burned near Disgraced Author’s Grave
“Walder, a haredi (ultra-Orthodox) man, allegedly engaged in sex with minors, two girls aged 12 and 15, according to an investigation published in Haaretz in November.”

* Publishing
WalMart, B&N, Book Depository (owned by Amazon), and others are selling this book.
‘Elders Of Zion’ Book Being Sold by top Booksellers
“Why is Barnes & Noble selling a forgery responsible for so much Jewish suffering, as if it’s a legitimate book?”

* Journalism / Media Bias
Joseph Goebbels would be proud of today’s media.
Why is There an Anti-Jewish Bias in the Media?
“The Associated Press even ran the headline ‘FBI: Hostage taker was not focused on Jewish community.’”

* Education / Literature
A book that too closely describes our current world is “a trigger?!” 
George Orwell’s 1984 Given Trigger Warning at British University
“’1984 was supposed to be a piece of fiction, but in current times it reads more like an instruction manual. There’s no wonder the upper echelons of society are trying to censor it’, Robinson said.”


*Journalism / Free Press
Why would a county clerk spend $32K trying to squash a public records request from a newspaper about Epstein? 
Palm Beach County clerk seeks to punish Post for pursuing Jeffrey Epstein records
“The newspaper went to court after records showed only one teen was called to testify to the grand jury even though dozens told police Epstein sexually abused them at his Palm Beach mansion.”

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