Man Sues Multiple Women and Facebook for $75M for Libel for Posts on Dating Group; AND MUCH MORE! – In The News – 01/19/2024

Man Sues Multiple Women and Facebook for $75M for Libel for Posts on Dating Group; AND MUCH MORE! – In The News – 01/19/2024

Facebook Defamation
Man sues ex-dates for $75m over negative Facebook reviews calling him ‘clingy’
“Thousands of men have been potentially defamed by members of the group via these online publications, and remain entirely unaware of the attacks on their character as a result of the social media group’s private status and heavily moderated members list…”

Here is exactly how you turn America into NAZI GERMANY!
Brooklyn classroom displays Qatar-funded map where Israel is replaced with Palestine: report
“It’s not just that we’re experiencing Jewish hate in NYC public schools, we’re actually experiencing Jewish erasure,” Plaut said. “And here is proof of that.”

You don’t convince people you’re a Christian with false Twitter posts and crazy behavior. You convince them by ACTING DIFFERENTLY.
Lil Nas X faked Liberty University acceptance letter, school says
“He continued to promote the song using more controversial images and videos such as himself dressed up as Moses parting the Red Sea, himself in a white angel-like gown while carrying machine guns and himself as Jesus consuming holy bread and wine.”

Is anyone surprised anymore when we hear this?
Russian journalist who criticized Putin’s admin of ‘gigantic corruption’ found dead
“Koffler noted that ‘scores of Russian journalists’ have ended up dead ‘in mysterious circumstances’ after criticizing the Russian regime or Putin directly.”

AI is not “artificial.” It echoes whomever creates or uses it.
AI replaces ‘woke’ TV translators who inserted liberal language into Japanese art, sparking online debate
“‘The fear is that AI, driven by certain ideological biases, will tamper with the intent of the original Japanese texts, resulting in a loss of originality and cultural integrity,’ he said.”

Troubled Times in L.A.
L.A. Times Executive Editor Kevin Merida to step down
“Tensions between Soon-Shiong and Merida had developed in recent months, including over the paper’s financial underperformance, its failure to meet subscriber growth targets and the amount of time and investment needed to complete a turnaround.”

As an ardent Carlin fan, I fully agree.
George Carlin’s daughter calls out AI-generated special: ‘No machine will ever replace his genius’
“These AI generated products are clever attempts at trying to recreate a mind that will never exist again. Let’s let the artist’s work speak for itself.”

Sports Illustrated Went Woke, and Not They’re Going Broke
Sports Illustrated’s publisher terminates most of staff in mass layoff, union says
“This is a sad event for sports journalism because SI was a breeding ground for some of the finest long-form writers (sports and otherwise) found in American journalism…”

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