Professor Loses Lawsuit Against Student Newspaper AND MUCH MORE! – In The News – 01/11/2024

Professor Loses Lawsuit Against Student Newspaper AND MUCH MORE! – In The News – 01/11/2024

Professor loses suit against student newspaper.
Judge rules against pro-choice Notre Dame professor who filed lawsuit against conservative student paper
“In filing and pursuing this lawsuit over the course of the last year, Kay attempted to silence and intimidate undergraduate students at her own university for accurate reporting on her public comments…”

Canadian police warn that posting videos of alleged package thieves could be ‘violation’ of their privacy
“‘It’s 2024, so of course the police care more about criminals than victims of crime,’ Canadian journalist Ezra Levant wrote.”

Israel needs to hunt these bastards down just like they did Black September.
Reuters, AP journalists watched Hamas lynchings, kidnappings and urged civilians to join
“The two journalists were recalling how they infiltrated Israel’s border and were laughing as they described how the soldier’s body was mutilated and brutalized even after he was dead.”

Not all the news in this article is good.
Most parents favor age restrictions on books in school libraries: survey
“A majority of parents (53.78%) expressed support for parents having the ability to ‘sign a form indicating that their child cannot access the school library.’”

When news outlets choose sides.
Al Jazeera ‘journalists’ in Gaza were terrorists: IDF presents evidence
“Documents also said that Hamza had previously served as a terrorist battalion leader for the Zeitoun area of northern Gaza and that he was still currently responsible for firing Islamic Jihad rockets in that area.”

The IDF has the right idea.
Al Jazeera is an Islamic Terrorist Organization
“Al Jazeera is a terrorist organization. We’ve bombed it several times because it happens to be where the terrorists are.”

The Holocaust has still not lost its sting.
A shocking turn: Nazi-looted Pissarro painting won’t return to Jewish family
“…rather than be returned to the descendants of Lilly Cassirer, a Jewish woman who was forced to hand the painting over to the Nazis in exchange for her freedom from Germany in 1939.”

The pressure is building…
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Academic Department Deletes Letter to Students Accusing Israel of ‘Genocide’
“Elman noted that it’s unlikely that Jewish and Zionist students will ‘feel welcome and respected in these departments’ and cheered ‘the university leaders who intervened swiftly to remove the statement from official university channels.’”

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