Two Amazon employees refuse to be silenced by Amazon lawyers; More companies abandoning Amazon; Libel – Do these dragons look similar to you?; Officer sues blogger for names of comment posters; and MUCH MORE! …In the News 01/03/20

Two Amazon employees refuse to be silenced by Amazon lawyers; More companies abandoning Amazon; Libel – Do these dragons look similar to you?; Officer sues blogger for names of comment posters; and MUCH MORE! …In the News 01/03/20

You can only squeeze a company so much before they drop you!
Is This The Beginning Of Amazon’s Meltdown?
“When Amazon’s executives heard the news, they couldn’t believe it. Last November, the world’s largest sporting goods company, Nike, announced it was leaving Amazon. It would yank all its products from and sell them exclusively on its online store. Nike is the biggest retailer to break up with Amazon, but it’s not the first. From mom-and-pop stores to retail giants, more than one million businesses are ditching Amazon and selling online independently.”

Others listed in the article that have ditched Amazon include Vans, Ralph Lauren, Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Patagonia and North Face. There are many others as well. And, the article includes info. on how mom and pop stores can compete with Amazon.

It’s their book and they can rate people any way they want.
French chef fails in Michelin lawsuit over lost star
“A French court on Tuesday rejected a lawsuit brought by a star chef seeking to force the prestigious Michelin restaurant guide to hand over its reasons for stripping his restaurant of a third star, just a year after he won it.”

New book smashes taboo over French author’s sex with teens
“A prominent French author who has never made any secret of his preference for sex with adolescent girls and boys is at the centre of a firestorm as a former partner publishes a book describing the lasting trauma of underage intercourse over three decades ago.”

Two Amazon employees refuse to be silence by Amazon’s lawyers
Amazon threatens to fire critics who are outspoken on its environmental policies
“It’s our moral responsibility to speak up – regardless of Amazon’s attempt to censor us…”

Just because the subject is a politician doesn’t mean the press can print anything they want
Sarah Palin Seeks New York Times Advertising Revenue as Libel Lawsuit Heads Toward Trial
“Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin filed a complaint in her libel lawsuit against The New York Times, after the paper published an editorial that falsely linked Palin to the 2011 shooting of former Democratic Rep. Gabby Giffords.”

Is editorial bias the new norm?
What is libelous content? Facebook, other social media outlets, don’t seem to care
“Sixty years ago, as a young Kansas City Star reporter, I published something that put me and the newspaper in legal jeopardy…”

Are you coding your freelance business income correctly on your taxes?
Judge rules author’s lawsuit over county business tax can continue
“John Hart is suing the county and Corban Addison Klug is suing Charlottesville, claiming that both localities are unconstitutionally discriminating between different types of speech by taxing freelance writers and not traditional media.”

With the state’s “shield law,” it’ll be interesting to see how this lawsuit plays out.
Connecticut officer sues blogger for names behind anonymous comments
“A Connecticut police officer is suing a blogger for access to the names of people commenting anonymously on the blog who he believes are fellow officers.”

A perfect example of politicians harming the people they claimed to want to help. If this law moves forward, WritersWeekly and other publications across the country won’t be able to buy articles from freelance writers in California!
Uber, Postmates sue California in federal court over state gig-work law AB5
“Other industries and workers are also pushing back against AB5. Truck drivers and freelance writers and photographers have mounted their own lawsuits over the new law.”

The “bombshell” allegation in this lawsuit seems a bit of a stretch!
Lara Logan sues New York magazine and writer for $25 million
“Former 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan is suing the author and publisher of a story that she says destroyed her earning capacity at CBS News.”

Another one (about to) bite the dust…
Newspaper Publisher McClatchy Skips Payment to Pensioners
“The McClatchy Co., the newspaper publisher that’s teetering near bankruptcy, skipped a payment to some of its pensioners.”

Is it just me or are there almost no similarities between these dragons? (Except for the green skin, of course.)
Children’s author threatened with lawsuit for claiming John Lewis stole her dragon for its Christmas ad
“One of the companies behind the TV ad – named the UK’s 2019 Christmas favourite on YouTube – has threatened Fay with legal action if she doesn’t delete her tweet.”



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