SWAG MASHA – Seeking Romance Writers – Pays $4.5- $6K per Novel


CONTACT EMAIL: elena.khudenko@swagmasha.org

PUBLICATION DESCRIPTION: SWAG MASHA is an international mobile game dev studio behind a highly successful interactive novel app – Love Sick. The app has reached over 20 million installs worldwide, released in 15+ languages, building a huge fan base across the globe.

CURRENT NEED: We are seeking talented romance writers who would share our passion for storytelling and join the team to provide our users with quality reading novels with a strong romantic element. Selected writers will be paired with an in-house editor and will be responsible for writing novels based on a detailed outline provided by us.


PAYMENT: The author’s compensation is roughly $4.5-6K for a single novel. This is potentially a long term collaboration, as we have several successful series and are looking to launch more.


FREELANCERS SHOULD SUBMIT: Please use this link to apply (we require a CV and a writing sample): https://www.notion.so/Native-English-Romance-Writers-for-SWAG-MASHA-c82cef5a3b254b95a252013a0233ec89