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How Can I Get A Free Issue Of The Write Markets Report?

How Can I Get A Free Issue Of The Write Markets Report?

I would like to request your free email issue of The Write Markets Report. Please, might you also send information on the cost of future reports? Thank you,
Sandra T.
Here is a link to a sample issue: http://www.booklocker.com/downloads/twmrOct14boo77.pdf The issues are monthly, and the cost is $4.95/year. See: http://writersweekly.com/books/677.html RELATED Use Magazine Vendor Websites To Find New Paying Markets For Writers! By Robert Kingett QUERY LETTERS THAT WORKED! Real Queries That Landed $2K+ Writing Assignments Copies of real query letters that resulted in writing assignments worth $2K and much more! 24-HOUR SHORT STORY CONTEST - Summer 2015 Instructions for the 24-hour short story contest. BOOK PROPOSALS THAT WORKED! Real Book Proposals That Landed $10K - $100K Publishing Contracts In these pages, you'll find real book proposals that landed contracts with these publishing houses: Simon & Schuster, MIRA Books, Music Sales Corporation, Berkeley Books, Osborne/McGraw-Hill and many more! It's A Dirty Job...Writing Porn For Fun And Profit! Includes Paying Markets! Katy Terrega provides the only resource you need to learn how to write and sell erotica. Archived letters are HERE. …

Library “Gifts” And Copyright Harvesting – AUTHOR BEWARE!

Hi Angela - was reading your link from the last issue. I do agree with your advice that authors should not sign over any rights out of hand, but as a librarian who worked with a collection for print impaired students, it was difficult to obtain copyright permission for materials we transcribed into Braille, large print, or audio recordings. I have some sympathy with the gift contract from that perspective... …

More World’s Worst Book Proposals And Query Letters!

Hi, Angie. This one really got me: "I seek publisher for the attached article expressing possible disadvantages of the theory or concept of feminism." On top of everything else, does he not realize that you, a female business person, are the publisher? The sheer lunacy of these things is jaw-dropping. Just when I think I've seen it all or heard it all, I find out the abyss goes even deeper. Keep 'em coming. Regards, Marsha …

CreateSpace Complaints

BTW, you are totally correct about CreateSpace customer service -- pathetic. …

QUERY LETTERS THAT WORKED! Real Queries That Landed $2K+ Writing Assignments

Dear Ms. Hoy, Thank you VERY much for your insight and advice! I found the information on how to send out a query for an article to be extremely helpful (I was doin' it wrong). I got my first yes! I think I will plaster IT to my wall instead of the rejections letters! Very Respectfully, Dawn RELATED: QUERYING QUERIES? What To Do When Editors Fall Silent Secure Interview Before Query or Vice-Versa? More World's Worst Book Proposals and Query Letters! Query Rejected? You May Not Have to Take No for an Answer Mining Your Family for Query Ideas

More Kudos To Booklocker’s Cover Designer!

More Kudos To Booklocker’s Cover Designer!

Just when I thought Todd Engel had created a book cover beyond my expectations, he exceeded them once again. A rock star for the ages, now and forevermore.…

Praise For BookLocker

Angela, I thought you'd enjoy seeing this plus in an article I've just written for NWA. Work hard to get your memoir published, if only as an e-book. If you can find a publisher for your memoir, more power to you. The process can be arduous and, ultimately, unrewarding for you, especially if you are a first-time author. Of course, you can always bring your manuscript to your local printer and have copies made for your family. And, you can pay to have your book published and thus, become a self-published author. Be cautious if you opt for this route, however. There are many unscrupulous "vanity presses" out there. One of the most reputable and economical is BookLocker. They will help convert your manuscript to an e-book format and will offer help with every step along the way for a very reasonable price. Regards, Marlene RELATED: BookLocker's Publishing Packages HOW TO REMEMBER, WRITE AND PUBLISH YOUR LIFE STORY Berkeley Days: The Uncensored Memoirs of an Underground Journalist Q&A - Should I Name Names in My Memoir? Do Bar Fights Count? How To Write Your Military Stories

90+ DAYS OF PROMOTING YOUR BOOK ONLINE: Your Book’s Daily Marketing Plan

Just finished reading 90+ DAYS OF PROMOTING YOUR BOOK ONLINE. What great info.! I am not the marketing genius, but give me directions I can follow and turn me loose. Thanks for that book. I have already started tweaking my keywords, working on my (book marketing) cheat sheet, and making little changes to my websites. R. RELATED: Why Are These Books Best Sellers? One-Shot Book Marketing Does NOT WORK - But THIS DOES! Print on Demand Price Comparison How Many Book Sales Needed to Recoup Your Investment? Building Block Book Marketing

You’re a Bulldog

I loved the advice you gave last week about articles held for ransom. You are a bulldog, and I mean that with the utmost respect. You paid me for my article long before publishing. Thank you very much.…

“I Have Booklocker.Com, Inc. To Thank For Producing A First-Rate, Quality Book For Me!”

Hey, Angela! I'm excited to let you know that A God for All Seasons just won the Feathered Quill Book Awards Program Bronze Medal for Best Inspirational! The judging criteria includes Layout and Design and Production Quality. Once again, I have BookLocker.com, Inc. to thank for producing a first-rate, quality book for me! Thank you!!! Patti Tingen A GOD FOR ALL SEASONS: Inspiration and Reflection for All Times RELATED: The BookLocker Family Rallies Together To Make Great Books! Another Happy BookLocker Author! "I Have Had So Many Compliments On (my BookLocker.com book cover design)!!" BookLocker Did An Excellent Job! BookLocker's Cover Designer is a Rock Star!

Finding Your Article With Someone Else’s Name On It

Hi Angela, I read your articles about dead beat editors and, while that is upsetting, it is more upsetting to find your article with someone else's name as the writer. Not getting paid for your work is bad enough but, when you see your work with someone else's name on it, you just know that person crawled out from under some garbage. And, I can't do anything about it. when my old computer died, it took a lot of my work, and the information of who I sent it to, and when. I backed up most of my work, but I didn't get it all, I have the hard copy but that's it! I am a trusting person believing nobody in this business would put their name to another person's work. I mean really, who would do something like that? The sad part is I don't have the information about who I sent it to, or when. New writers. go figure. Anyway I thought I'd share my tale of woe and call it a learning experience. Stay well, Angela D. RELATED: A Magazine Editor Rewrote My Article, Inserted Mistakes, And Put My Name On It! More Than One Way to Expose a Deadbeat! Writers, Are You TRYING To Get Ripped Off?! Yet Another Reason To Avoid Pubs That Pay Crappy Rates! Warning Signs of a Potential Deadbeat ATTENTION DEADBEAT PUBLISHERS: Trying to Threaten Your Victims Into Silence DOES NOT WORK!

Writers, Are You TRYING To Get Ripped Off?!

Hi Angela, I just got back into the country after three years away, and recently came across your site again. What fun it was reading your "bad query" section again. Also, it is a breath of fresh air to see that you still raise hell about writers who write for peanuts. I've missed you. : ) K. RELATED: Writers, Are You TRYING To Get Ripped Off?! Yet Another Reason To Avoid Pubs That Pay Crappy Rates! More World's Worst Book Proposals And Query Letters! When Writers Contribute to a Scammer's Success Top 10 Signs You've Been Scammed Into Writing for Free Watch Out For This Scam Targeting Writers!

A Magazine Editor Rewrote My Article, Inserted Mistakes, And Put My Name On It!

I was very interested in the question by "Paid But Angry," who had submitted an article that was then rewritten and published under his/her name with errors. A similar situation happened at my workplace about 15 years ago, when the company decided to start a newsletter. A co-worker and I wrote an article about our boss in a witty, gently teasing tone. We ran it past her before submitting and she said it was great and had made her laugh. When the newsletter was distributed, we were horrified to discover that the editor had added a badly-written, long paragraph at the end of the article extolling the virtues of our boss in a syrupy, cloying tone and had also somehow managed to insert 22 (yes, twenty-two!) typographical errors into our formerly pristine work. Needless to say, my co-author and I were furious and embarrassed; over 300 employees would read this dreck and think we had written it. I wrote an email to the editor requesting a retraction/correction. The next day, I was called on the carpet by my boss's boss, who said I had "hurt his (the editor's) feelings" and that if I didn't let it go, I would be written up! All these years later, I still get angry just thinking about it! So I can definitely feel the pain of "Paid But Angry" and understand exactly how s/he feels. I wish I had been brave enough back then to pursue getting the retraction and I hope s/he has a more satisfying outcome. - L. RELATED: My Editor Screwed Up My Book! What Is Happening to Editors' Manners?! AN EDITOR WHO REJECTED MY QUERY GOT MAD AT ME FOR SELLING THE ARTICLE TO HIS COMPETITOR! When Editors Hold Articles Hostage POD Authors Need To Hire Editors

The BookLocker Family Rallies Together To Make Great Books!

I much appreciate all you have done and the understanding and friendliness projected from (BookLocker's) cover designer, Todd. (You) have all been so nice to me! How you rally together in harmony to make a book is just great! :) Mary Francis HERE RELATED: Authors Who Avoid Traditional Publishers BookLocker Offers Amazing Turn-around And Service! Another Happy BookLocker Author! I Have Had So Many Compliments On (my BookLocker.com book cover design)!! BookLocker Did An Excellent Job!

BookLocker Offers Amazing Turn-around And Service!

Hi Angela, I just wanted to thank you for the outstanding work that you and your team put forth in publishing Swagger at 60: Use the Tools of Mental Toughness to Serve and Succeed at Any Age. I've worked with other publishers and none provided the amazing turn-around times and service that you provided. I regret ever having published with anyone else. Thank you again for your terrific work! Lee Witt Swagger at 60: Use the Tools of Mental Toughness to Serve and Succeed at Any Age

90+ DAYS OF PROMOTING YOUR BOOK ONLINE: Your Book’s Daily Marketing Plan

Angela, Hi. Just wanted to let you know I featured your book 90+ Days of Promoting Your Book Online on my author's blog. It was a saving grace resource tool for me and I wanted to share its importance to new authors with my readers. I also mention Abuzz Press and WritersWeekly. It's here: http://jenniferdeese.wordpress.com/2014/12/09/markwting-and-promotion-newbie/ Jennifer Deese The Orchid Keeper (Abuzz Press) http://jenniferdeese.wordpress.com

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  • WritersWeekly 24-Hour Short Story Contest Entry Evolves!
  • Is That Free Ebook Site REALLY Violating Your Copyright? Maybe Not...

Another Happy BookLocker Author!

Thanks for how easy and pleasant you have made this process for me! Elisha Wahlquist Adele: Two Girls. Two Paths. One Revolution. An epic tale of two aristocratic families poised at the brink of the French Revolution. Adele and her cousin Stephanie face their "coming of age" as plots and liaisons intertwine to trap them. A secret passage, high intrigue, a wayward maid, and the pressure of being a salonniere... Archived letters are HERE. …

“I Have Had So Many Compliments On (my BookLocker.com book cover design)!!

Angela, Thanks for putting Twenty-One Steps of Courage at the front of the cover design examples. I have had so many compliments on that cover, and always refer any authors who ask about it to you (and Todd). Because we used a real Soldier on the front, readers often think the story is non-fiction. I love that! Their remarks validate my choice to make sure the novel was as factual as possible. Sarah Bates http://www.sarahbatesauthor.com Twenty-One Steps of Courage To have a son adopt his father's dream as his own is rare. But that is exactly what Rod Strong does when in 2006 he enlists in the Army to join The Old Guard. Serving as a Sentinel at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington Cemetery is all his father ever wants, until he dies in the Gulf War. Now Rod decides to honor his father by taking his place. He forges ahead, naively believing sheer will and hard work are all he needs... …

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