Comments on: Self-Editing + BookLocker’s Cover Design is captive, impressive

Comments on: Self-Editing + BookLocker’s Cover Design is captive, impressive

COMMENT ON SELF-EDITING: Could Saving Money be Costing Your Reputation as a Writer? (Freelance expenses you should never compromise) 

This happened to me. I wrote a book and didn’t want to pay for the editing and it showed. I was so embarrassed and ended up pulling it off the market. I have come a long way since then in my skills, but it was a lesson well learned. I will never put out work without editing again. Even editors have trouble seeing mistakes when they are too close to the work.

– loreleinet


LETTER RE: BookLocker’s Cover Design – captivating, impressive


Todd (BookLocker‘s cover designer) has done an amazing job! I couldn’t be more pleased. I’ve worked with artists for years, and Todd is not only reassuring, but he has an excellent eye. He zeroed in on what I wanted in short order. Impressive. The design concept is captivating, thoughtful, a little moody, and nicely balanced between the figurative and literal. Perfect for a YA audience. I love it.

My best,

– Peter Pommer




You can see samples of Todd’s covers here:

Click on each one to see the entire cover (front, back and spine).

Also, see the covers at the top of this page:


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