More Loving and Inexpensive Holiday Gifts By Angela Hoy

Each year, I share an idea or two for homemade gifts that creative folks (writers!) can make for loved ones for the holidays. Last week I shared two new ideas, including how to make a quilted felt house and how to create photo ornaments. Here’s a new idea for this week.

Iron-on Photo Doll

Many craft stores sell faceless, inexpensive cloth dolls that you can do many creative things with. They also sell iron-on fabric that you can feed through your laser or ink jet printer.

This year, I wanted to give my sister a gift that portrayed our sisterly bond. I manipulated photos of both of us using my graphics program and printed the photos on the iron-on fabric. I then ironed the photos onto the faces of the dolls I’d purchased.

Wanting to add some accessories, I sewed tiny t-shirts for each doll and printed several tiny photos of loved ones on the iron-on fabric. Then, I ironed the tiny photos onto the dolls’ t-shirts. I purchased inexpensive fleece “shorts” for the dolls that were actually for some “do it yourself” teddy bears they had on sale, which completed the dolls’ outfits. I also purchased soft yarn that looked like hair, cut it into several identical pieces, and sewed each to the head with one continous stitch (where the part-line appears). As a final touch, I sewed velcro to the dolls’ hands so they can hold hands.

The final gift is a pair of sister dolls, each one wearing shirts that have photos of their loved ones.

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