Considering Indie Writers Support/Paradon Books? You Might Want to Read These Posts First!

Considering Indie Writers Support/Paradon Books? You Might Want to Read These Posts First!

I received the following email this week:


Do you know anything about the Indie Writers Support group? I signed up for a book promotion with them for a client, and I don’t think they did anything and I have written to them without a response. I also sent some money for a mailing list of 26,000 media contacts and never got it. And I’m a member of IBPA, and they were offering IBPA membership materials for $75, but when I contacted IBPA, they indicated they hadn’t given their permission and when they wrote to them, they got no response. I think if other writers have had similar experiences, writers might be warned about them.

My response:

It’s always a good idea to Google these types of firms with the word “complaints” in your search. Indie Writers Support is part of Paradon Books ( (that website is giving us a security certificate error), (GoDaddy shows the site as expired), and (which is also a non-active page). It is apparently owned by Korede Abayomi.

I found the following complaints posted to a variety of websites about Indie Writers Support/Paradon Books:

Self-Publishing Watchlist

Beware of Listopia, Indie Writers Support

An author claims that Indie Writers Support (allegedly) published a chapter from an author’s book without permission, endorsing a product the author did NOT endorse

A “F” rating at the Better Business Bureau

Read about the BBB’s investigation of Paradon Books’ advertising materials RIGHT HERE.

No Paragon

Unfortunately, there are other complaints online as well. I doubt you will be able to get your money back. In the future, please research these types of firms thoroughly before sending them any money.


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One Response to "Considering Indie Writers Support/Paradon Books? You Might Want to Read These Posts First!"

  1. Pamela Allegretto  January 18, 2019 at 4:39 pm

    I have been contacted twice on my home phone by some company wanting to “represent/promote” my book that they claim has been “exclusively selected.” When I asked how she got my home number she gave me some rinky excuse. I also was suspicious since my pen name is my maiden name and not listed in any phone directory. These people really dig deep to scam authors.