Authors! Have you, too, been approached by Stonewall Press? READ THIS!

We have received the following inquiries about Stonewall Press:

I got another call today about publishing my books. The name of the company that keeps calling me is Stonewall Press.



Thank you for the warning about Solo Press. Another company approached me – Stonewall Press. A guy with a heavy Filipino accent from Maryland offered to market my book, including interviews, radio appearances and more. He sent me promotional materials. Do you know them?


Hi Angela,

I have been contacted by a company named Stonewall Press. They want to publish and market my book. Is this company legit?


We call these types of companies bottom feeders. They find authors of previously published books, call them (or spam them), and offer to republish and/or promote their book….for a fee, of course. Why in the world would you pay someone all over again to publish your book when it’s already on the market?

If you’re considering doing business with Stonewall Press, you’ll want to read this:

And, be sure to read the numerous comments under the third complaint!

Once your book is published, expect the bottom feeders to come out of the woodwork. They’ll use flashy sales blurbage and, in the end, it’ll cost ya. Big time! Again, why in the world would anyone pay a company to republish a perfectly good book? Here’s a hint. In one of the complaints at the link above, the authors claims that Stonewall wanted to “redesign” her book cover – for $700!! Geez!!

If someone approaches you, criticizes your book or cover,and then wants you to pay them to make it better, RUN!

If you truly want to pay a firm to promote your book, don’t pay a company that also wants you to republish your book. Pay a professional book promotion company that isn’t going to try to convince you to buy services you’ve paid for previously – that you really don’t need.


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