AUTHORS: Have you, too, been contacted by LitFire Publishing?

AUTHORS: Have you, too, been contacted by LitFire Publishing?

Have you been contacted by LitFire Publishing? If so, you might want to click on the link at the end of this article.

Below are a few of the messages we’ve received from authors who have been approached by LitFire Publishing after their books went on the market:

Message from Jessica:

I just had an interesting call from Litfirepublishing. Have you come across this outfit?

Message from Leigh:

Angela, I received a message from LitFire Publishing. Michelle. She wanted to speak with me about my book – to showcase it in an exhibit. You probably have had other clients receive this call.

Message from Georgette:

Hi Guys, Just to let you know I received a message from LitFire Publishing because they thought my book had great “international potential.” I am not calling them back.

Message from Don:

Hello Angela, I just received a call from a company called “LitFire,” and they say they want to promote my book. What do you know about this company?

Message from Eric:

Hello, I was approached by “Litfire Publishing” about promoting/marketing my book in a few different avenues. Of course this comes with a cost. I was wondering if you had heard of, or know anything about them.

Message from Allan:

Sorry to bother you cause I know you’re swamped, but a company called LitFire called me and offered their advertising “expertise” to promote my new book. I’m not going to do anything with them but I was just curious to know how they knew my new book was coming out. Any thoughts?

Message from Belinda:

A self-publisher called Litfire Press phoned my mom asking for me, wanting to discuss plans for my book, but didn’t give a title. I got the msg from Mom this morning. When I phoned them, they wanted to sell me book marketing services and said they’d gotten my info from BookScout, a third party organization. I haven’t lived with my mom or used her number as mine in 30 years.

Someone using a email address accessed this week, and partially completed the online form for submitting a manuscript. They wrote the word “test” on it. We looked up the IP address. It’s in the Philippines.

I recognized the company name, and sent them an email with links to NUMEROUS complaints about them posted online. I was going to post those online here but somebody already beat me to the punch so I’ll give credit where credit is due. You can see the list RIGHT HERE.


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