Freelance Writing and Photography Jobs for 05/31/18

NEED WRITERS, BLOGGERS, EDITORS, AUTHORS, OR OTHER CREATIVE FOLKS?? We’ll post your ad on WritersWeekly FOR FREE. Please complete THIS FORM. Freelance Legal Writers BluShark Digital LLC Freelance Prospectus Writer ROM3 Freelance Copywriter – Pays $75K-$85K/year, plus benefits Qualified Creatives Freelance Content Writer Mastin Kipp Freelance Proposal Writer Grand Rounds Freelance Content Writer The Bay Street […]

How Not To Age Out Of Paying Markets As A Writer by Jeanine DeHoney

How Not To Age Out Of Paying Markets As A Writer by Jeanine DeHoney

Being 40+, 50, 60, 70 and beyond isn’t cause for a shrinking base of readers, nor paying writing markets. It just requires that we write and think edgier, and pitch and query editors and publishers with a fresher angle tinged with our wisdom and much honed skill, which is extra icing on the cake. Whispers and Warnings for 05/31/18 Whispers and Warnings for 05/31/18

Amazon avoids collecting/paying taxes…again; Ukraine fakes journalist’s death; Another Yelp review lawsuit; Amazon contractors can’t sue Amazon; Facebook/Amazon “screening out older workers”; Ghostwriters sues Christian publisher

WritersWeekly’s Find the Typo Contest for 05/29/2018

CLICK ON THE SCREEN SHOT BELOW TO SEE IT IN ITS ENTIRETY, AND ENTER YOUR ANSWER IN THE COMMENTS BOX AT THE BOTTOM OF THAT PAGE. Be the first one to describe the typo in the screenshot below, and win a free print or ebook book of your choice from! If you are the […]

WritersWeekly Trivia Question for 05/24/2018

Question for 05/24/2018: According to last week’s WritersWeekly, why did Captain Angela hit a dock piling (almost twice!!)? Send your answer through the contact form here. You must be a subscriber to participate in the weekly contests. Subscribe today. It’s free! NOTE: ONLY ONE WINNER PER HOUSEHOLD PER CALENDAR QUARTER, PLEASE. THIS WEEK’S PRIZE: […]

Readers’ Letters and Comments for 05/24/18

Readers’ Letters and Comments for 05/24/18

FREELANCE WRITERS COMMENT ON: How Do You Give Your Dock Neighbors Colon Control Issues? Crash Your Boat RIGHT NEXT TO THEIRS! Oh, Angie, that account of your adventures taking on water and then docking in the dark were certainly riveting, but I’m glad no serious damage (or sinking) occurred. It reminded me of my training […]

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