“Amazon won’t talk to me about copyright infringement of my book unless I get an account with them, which requires signing a contract!”

“Amazon won’t talk to me about copyright infringement of my book unless I get an account with them, which requires signing a contract!”

Q –

Hi Angela,

I was contacted by a “publisher” trying to sell me their services after seeing my old book on Amazon. I didn’t know it was still on Amazon since the publisher went out of business a long time ago. But, it looks like they’re still selling my book and that means they’re getting money from sales, and not sending me royalties!

I contacted Amazon and they said I have to set up an author contract services account with them before they will answer any questions as to why the book is still on their site, and if it’s been selling.

Not sure how to proceed.


A –

Amazon is likely asking you to obtain an “Author Central Account.” Here’s the problem. In order to do so, you must agree to the terms of their contract, which may prevent you from suing them in the future for anything. They’ll also then be able to start send you marketing messages.

If you believe Amazon is selling copies of your book from a publisher that no longer owns the rights to your book, contact Amazon’s copyright infringement division. Amazon can’t make you sign a contract in order to protest potential copyright infringement appearing on their website.

Here is the link to do that:


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    Howdy Angela,

    Seen this (profanity removed)? 200 years later, we’re still a penal colony run by dickheads.
    I love politicians, especially with mashed potato, peas, and hollandaise sauce.