Readers’ Letters and Comments for 05/24/18

Readers’ Letters and Comments for 05/24/18


How Do You Give Your Dock Neighbors Colon Control Issues? Crash Your Boat RIGHT NEXT TO THEIRS!

Oh, Angie, that account of your adventures taking on water and then docking in the dark were certainly riveting, but I’m glad no serious damage (or sinking) occurred. It reminded me of my training for the Postal Service. I had to learn to back up a van that had no rear view mirror, just side mirrors and a mirror on the back of the van. Two times in a row I backed over a fake child I didn’t see. I only delivered mail for a month, and the biggest stress was always worrying about hitting someone I couldn’t see. I tried to park in places where I could drive forward to leave and not have to back up, but that wasn’t always possible. So I expect there are a lot of your readers who can relate to your experience, even if they don’t have a boat themselves. Thanks for sharing your latest adventure. We all love reading about them.

– Johnny Townsend

You are definitely braver than I am. Or some other superlative. Maybe both.

– Jedidiah Manowitz


Let the males drive. YOU drink the beer.

– writerleenda


By Angela Hoy – Publisher of 

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! 😉

– Angela



Great story. You are brave to share your embarrassment publicly. Shows how self-assured you are. A couple more outings and you’ll be ready for that round-the-world cruise. Go for it!

– Jim Janke

Just me, but I would have used a new ISBN and called it second edition if amazon selling previous printings is such a big deal to you.

As far as the world is concerned there is only one book with that ISBN and they are equivalent in spite of minor changes and amazon will keep selling the stock they have.

Actually amazon can legally keep selling any version they purchased for resale even if you did use a new ISBN. Assuming that they can get copies of the earlier version at all.

By Angela Hoy – Publisher of

If an author wants to republish under a new ISBN, they need to re-name the book as well. Most book buying customers won’t search using an ISBN. They’ll search for the book’s title instead.



How I Went From Burned-Out Actress, to HuffPost Freelancer, to Full-Time Maxim Sex Columnist!

Thank you, Vanessa, your story is an inspiration – never give up! All the best in all your creative endeavors!

 – sophiaus1812

Thank you so much Sophia!

 – Vanessa de Largie



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33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Blind Characters

I admire any writer who wants to tackle a blind character. But so many writers take up this challenge and FAIL. They research blindness by reading other fiction books, by observing their blind colleagues and acquaintances, and by tying on a blindfold and pretending to be blind themselves.

I understand the challenges your characters face, their triumphs, their hopes and their fears, because I've lived them. I work with people who have varying degrees of blindness every day, so I've seen every challenge, every situation you could imagine.

Let me share my knowledge to improve your writing. You can create blind characters that readers will fall in love with.

~Stephanie Green