Ghostwriting: Know Your Clients By Rich Mintzer

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The concept of ghostwriting makes perfect sense. It allows for those who have expertise in an area, but are not the most proficient writers, to express themselves in well honed, well written books and articles. It also allows for writers to make money behind the strengths of well known names, since celebrities and experts can sell books based on their name recognition and, or, expertise in a field.

Having ghosted several books and book proposals, I have found that the essence of a good ghostwriting experience is based on the pairing of expert and writer. The best ghostwriting teams are those in which both parties define their responsibilites and take an active role in the process, while respecting what each other brings to the table.

From the writer’s perspective, I’ve found some common characteristics that you will encounter in clients should you decide to go the ghostwriting route. Thus, I have listed a few of the characters with whom you may come in contact.

The Know It All

He or she is the expert in their field and you are the expert writer, right? Wrong. The Know It All will typically compliment you and your work, and then want to rewrite everything, line by line. Often, he or she will insist that you simply add a line, a phrase or a story that just