Not As Clean As You Thought…

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We spent New Year’s Eve eating cheese and crackers and playing charades with friends…which means we must be getting old. I’ve always hated New Year’s Eve. Being married to an alcoholic (my ex) for 12 1/2 years will do that to you. We left by 9:30, picked up one of Frank’s friends, and went in search of a burger. For some odd reason, every burger and fast food joint in town was closed. So, we had a late night, quickie dinner at Olive Garden and drove home to watch movies and eat popcorn. It was, by far, the best New Year’s Eve ever! When we flipped the channel to watch the ball drop in New York City, I wasn’t dreaming about what I’ll be doing next year. I was reflecting on how much better life is for the children and me since marrying Richard more than four years ago. We are truly blessed!

Last night, Zach had a friend over for dinner. I’d cooked up a fun kabob dish and we were all having a nice time eating and chatting about the children’s Christmas vacation. Out of the blue, Max put his fork down and said, quite loudly, “Penis!” After a moment of silence, we all burst out laughing. Max was quite pleased with the reaction, so he continued to shout “Penis!” over and over again, while I tried to instill some type of order to the table. We finally got his mind back on his dinner and off his new “word.” I’m wondering if Zach’s friend’s mother will ever allow him to eat dinner with us again.

Unfortunately, Max caught the cold that’s slowly making its way through the family. We were so proud of Max several weeks ago when he learned how to blow his own nose! However, we recently discovered he has hasn’t been throwing away his tissues. He’s been putting them back in the tissue box after he uses them. I wonder how long he’s been doing that…

Have a super day, everybody!